TRIGGER WARNING: "Men in Literature" Course Cancelled for Being Too Male

And because the world isn’t ridiculous enough, Campus Reform is reporting that Springfield College, out of Springfield, Massachusetts has cancelled a course titled, “Men in Literature.”

The reason?

It focused too much on men.

Please, go back and read that again, because I don’t want you to miss it. A class titled “Men in Literature” was cancelled for focusing too much on men.

That’s the equivalent of cancelling math classes for focusing too much on numbers.

From Campus Reform:

Professor Dennis Gouws began teaching the course back in 2005, and has offered it several times since then upon the encouragement of his department chair. The course was intended to survey contemporary culture’s preoccupation with gender by specifically focusing on the male role in culture.

I’m not sure, but aren’t those liberal indoctrination pits called colleges full of studies that address “other”?

Meanwhile, Springfield offers several other English courses focusing on gender and specific racial groups, including “Women and Literature,” “Native American Literature,” “Asian American Literature,” and a two-part course on “African American Literature.”


Over the last few years, as social justice warriors have become increasingly bold and just as annoying, we’re seeing certain absurdities, not the least of which is their panic over attention to anything male or heterosexual.

Professor Gouws was asked in a letter to change the syllabus for the course.

“’You do not afford students the opportunity to choose a gender to write about nor do you require all students to write about the opposite gender,’ the letter admonishes him, saying, ‘Such is certainly a concern from an academic and even legal perspective.’”

“’Based on this it is our judgement that your chair and dean are well within their rights to question your course content and to request changes in your courses to ensure that they are aligned with the approved course outcomes,’ Wyld writes. ‘We also believe that you should modify any assignment in ENGL 113 or in any other course you teach that would require students to focus on a single gender.’”

I’m almost positive the “Women and Literature” course got the same attention.


You can’t make this stuff up.

If the progressives have their way, we’ll all soon be shrieking, feminazi harridans or squishy pajama boys. I’m sure our enemies abroad are watching with amusement.


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