8-Year Old Girl the Latest Victim of "Inclusive" Bathroom Madness

President Obama wants men to feel free and comfortable with walking into the bathrooms and shower rooms of women.

I’m sure this gentleman agrees:

Police in Chicago say a man choked an eight-year-old girl until she passed out in the bathroom of a restaurant.

According to WLS-TV, the girl was with her mother at a Jason’s Deli restaurant in Chicago’s South Loop when she went by herself to use the restroom on May 7.

Her mom reportedly heard a scream from the bathroom and ran in to find a man carrying her unconscious daughter into a stall.


I’m sure his intent was innocent.

I’m sure he really felt that he belonged in the women’s restroom and the little girl was somehow oppressing him, which caused the confusion, resulting in his hands ending up around her neck.

I’m sure when the mother saw a strange man carrying her unconscious daughter into a bathroom stall, she misunderstood everything and his true intent was not for harm, but he was going to use toilet water to revive her.

I’m sure Obama and the entire dark-hearted cabal of social justice warriors will find a way to make excuses for the man, while ignoring the well-being of this little girl and so many others who they so willingly put at risk.

I’m equally sure this little girl, while she may recover physically, mentally and emotionally, she will have a long and tragic journey ahead.


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