Is the Media Inflating Trump's Delegate Numbers?

In this reality TV presidential race, all media should be looked at with some measure of skepticism. There is no single news outlet that can be viewed as absolutely trustworthy, it would seem.


That’s the claim of Senator Ted Cruz, who says the media are inflating Donald Trump’s actual delegate count.

“The AP’s numbers are bogus,” Cruz said. “Because what they’ve done is they’ve given all of the unbound delegates in Pennsylvania to Donald Trump. Those delegates are not his. That’s just reporters who want to run up his total. If you actually look at the bound delegates, Donald has about 50 fewer.”

Cruz’s claim is based on the delegate tracker used by outlets like the AP and the Washington Examiner, which he feels is untrustworthy.

As could be expected, Trump feels otherwise.

We can all agree Trump is ahead for the time being, but this isn’t over, yet. Without that 1,237 delegate count, there is no clear winner, so Branch Trumpidian cultists need not drag out a virgin to sacrifice, just yet.


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