Trump's Foreign Policy Speech Long On Rhetoric, Short on Details

Donald Trump gave an un-Trumpish speech today, on foreign policy.

In a more controlled tone, reading prepared statements, Trump spent close to 40 minutes speaking very broadly about issues involving the nation’s allies.

From an story:

“I will seek a foreign policy that all Americans, whatever their party, can support. So important,” Trump said. “And which our friends and allies will respect and totally welcome.”

Trump said that, under his administration, the U.S. will get out of “the nation building business” that “left the Middle East more unstable than ever before.”

Instead, Trump said he will focus on creating “stability” around the globe by defeating ISIS and opening new lines of dialogue with Russia and China.

So, closer ties to corrupt, Communist regimes, allowing them to become stronger, as the U.S. continues Obama’s policies of leading from behind.


Trump also went on to say that our allies in the Middle East should be responsible for carrying more of the load, or defend themselves. Without speaking specifically, you have to wonder what a Trump presidency means for the only Democratic nation in the Middle East, Israel. The relationship between Israel and America has already been strained by eight years of Obama. Trump doesn’t appear to be leaning in a better direction.

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