Trump Losing It Over The Idea of Cruz or Kasich Taking The Nomination

So much for Donald Trump’s promise to become a more “serious” candidate. The apparent alliance between Ted Cruz and John Kasich has set him off, again.

Trump is promising a revolt if the nomination isn’t given to him, but is, instead, snagged by Cruz or Kasich at the convention in July.

In what was a rambling, trademark Trump speech at a rally in West Chester, Pennsylvania, he let loose on his two opponents:

“How do you vote for a guy who has lost by four or five million votes, who is hundreds and hundreds of delegates down, who has lost … 40 states, 32 states, 35 — and they’ll have like 13, 14, and now we’re going to pick the guy? So we’re going to pick a guy that over a year got creamed.”

“So you explain how that’s done. You would have a revolt,” Trump said. “You would have, at a minimum, all these millions of people that have joined the Republican Party, which makes it so hot.”

While barely coherent, at least his counting skills are improving.

“This is just a guy who is a stubborn guy who eats like a slob and shouldn’t have press conferences while he’s stuffing stuff down his throat,” Trump said early on in the event. “He just says, ‘I’m staying!'”

While he’s not alone in wondering why Kasich stays on, if he was serious about taking on a more presidential tone, calling an opponent a “slob” probably isn’t the way to go.

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