Trump Media Toadies Celebrate Dismissal of Battery Charges

Donald Trump’s wee campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, has been allowed to take his victory lap, celebrating the news that the Palm Beach County (Florida) State Attorney’s office would not be pursuing battery charges, in regards to the March 8th incident involving Lewandowski and former Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields.

The charges were dropped, due to “insufficient evidence to prosecute.” It’s not that a battery never occurred.

Trump and his diminutive campaign manager have alternated between denying anything ever happened to claiming it was in self-defense against Fields’ potential knife-bomb-pen combo.

It may not even matter that Trump called the office of the State Attorney, David Aronberg, and asked him to “do the right thing.” That doesn’t seem like undue influence or subtle manipulation, at all.

In the midst of this, it didn’t take very long for two of Trump’s most ardent media boot-licks to leap into action.

Both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, in an anxious rush to display the qualities of real men – attack Michelle Fields.

Limbaugh launched into a tirade against Fields on Thursday, calling her a “millennial snowflake.”

“But, you know, folks, in the millennial world it’s not absurd. Here’s the truth: In the millennial world, that was assault. …. In the millennial world, the way they have been raised, when everybody gets a trophy for waking up, you get a trophy for waking up and getting out of bed, you get self-esteem left and right, you’re told every day how wonderful you are, you have this belief that nobody, no how nowhere no way can invade your space or what have you. That was assault.”

Because real men bruise women.

Hannity, in one of his numerous fluff pieces with Trump earlier this month, failed to press Trump on the charges against Lewandowski, but gave him a wide berth to insult and demean Fields. This, of course, caused considerable friction between Fields and Hannity, whom she’d considered a friend.

It was of no surprise to anyone when Hannity allowed the thuggish niblet to take his victory lap on his radio program.

Back in 2010, however, it seems both Limbaugh and Hannity took incidents of assault on reporters more seriously.

On this occasion, the assaulted party was a male reporter, John McCormack, of the Weekly Standard. He’d been attempting to get an interview with former Massachusetts Attorney General, Martha Coakley, a Democrat running against Scott Walker for Ted Kennedy’s vacated U.S. Senate seat, when an aide for Coakley blocked his path, bumped against him, and caused him to tumble over a low fence.

Hannity, showing much more concern over McCormack than he did his friend, Fields, asked McCormack in an interview:

“I understand you got bruised and had a ripped-up suit. How are you holding up?”

Touching. Michelle Fields had pictures of her bruises.

Limbaugh similarly exhibited a breathless clutching of pearls. From the Washington Examiner:

“[T]his was assault and battery. The video shows it,” he said in January 2010. “[Coakley] stood there and watched this whole thing take place and didn’t do anything about it. It’s like Eric Holder with the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia.”

“It’s on YouTube. I have seen it; I have watched it,” he added.

Yes. We’ve seen the video of Lewandowski’s child-like hand snatching on Michelle Fields’ arm, as well, Rush.

For those not in the tank for Trump, this is just a further, disgusting display of the insanity that has gripped this election season.

We can take some small comfort in knowing that at least the disreputable conservatives-for-hire are beginning to float to the surface of the media cesspool.

We see you now, and you stink.





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