Lawsuits Begin in NC Over Passage of House Bill 2

And like clockwork, the lawsuits against North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory and the new Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act have revved up.

The lawsuit has been rushed by two transgendered individuals, a lesbian law professor, and several civil liberties groups.


Those protesting the new law claim that it is unfairly biased against transgendered. From

Advocates for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights say state legislators demonized them with bogus claims about bathroom risks. Supporters say the new law protects all people from having to share bathrooms with people who make them feel unsafe.

Those being sued include Governor McCrory, the University of North Carolina college system, and in an interesting turn, NC Attorney General Roy Cooper.

AG Cooper is the Democrat opponent of McCrory in the upcoming gubernatorial election. While he opposes the new law, because his office is charged with defending the state, he is also part of the lawsuit. That certainly makes things more interesting.

Also of interest are the two transgendered individuals – both females who identify as male – that say they’ve been using the men’s facilities at work or school with no problem. They feel using the women’s restrooms would cause them anxiety and harm.  Neither of these plaintiffs have had their birth certificates changed from “female” to “male,” which would eliminate any issues arising from the new law.

As of this writing, Governor McCrory has yet to make a statement on the lawsuit. We’ll be watching for that.


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