Come on People--it's Time to Dig Deep and Help the People of Tennessee.

From the diaries by Caleb

Americans are an extremely charitable people. We NEVER turn our backs on those in need—whether it be our fellow Americans in New Orleans, or strangers in distant lands like Haiti. However, even though Tennessee has been ravaged by floods that will take months to clean up and will wind up costing over a billion dollars in damage, the MSM has pretty much given Tennessee the back of its hand.


In a nutshell, Tennessee seems to be the disaster that nobody cares about. To me, this is shameful because Tennesseans are some of the most gracious people that I know. My fellow contributor from Hillbillypolitics, Steph C, lives in Nashville, and I can personally attest that she would give you the shirt off her back (and so would my other friends at Redstate and TMR who are from TN). Well, I’m not suggesting that we even go that far – I’m just saying that we stop giving our fellow Americans in Tennessee the Heisman, and start showing them some love by helping them out as much as we are able.

Michelle Malkin has a multitude of links to many different charities on her website where you can make a donation to help out the good people of Tennessee. I’m sure that they would do it for us without even blinking. It’s time to love our neighbors and help the people of Tennessee get through this horrific disaster.

(H/T to Newsbusters for the video.)

This diary was originally posted on The Minority Report and Hillbillypolitics.


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