CVFC PAC: The US Armed Forces Is Becoming a Woke Institution

CVFC PAC: The US Armed Forces Is Becoming a Woke Institution
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This is an editorial from the Combat Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee that the great risk of the US military being subverted from within through cultural Marxist personnel policies. It is posted here with permission of the author. CVFC PAC supports the election of US military combat veterans to the US Senate and House of Representatives. Their cause is righteous, and generous donations are welcome at the links at the end. Note: I am on the PAC’s board of directors in the capacity of Director of Congressional and Public Relations. The editorial begins:

The United States is defined by values, not by race, or ethnicity – and those values apply in spades to the US military!

The priorities of the Biden-Harris Administration are similar to those of the Obama-Biden Administration, especially in regards to the US military. Unlike the President Bush and President Trump’s “War on Terror,” which pursued radical Islamic terrorists like Al-Qaida, ISIS, The Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Hezbollah, etc., Biden and Harris’s new “War on Terror” is aimed at homegrown “extremists” – especially among veterans and members of the US military.

Yet, Biden and Harris have no interest whatsoever in apprehending and jailing known ultra-violent revolutionary Marxist domestic terrorists like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, who spent much of 2020 leading violent riots, perpetrating arson, creating $2 billion in destruction, looting businesses, putting over 2000 police officers in hospitals, torching thousands of police cruisers, and killing hundreds of residents in 200+ Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities.

This new “War on Terror” is a renewal of the Obama-era attacks on US military personnel and veterans while also pursuing the vilification and the assault on law enforcement officers. In 2008, Obama forced the retirement of 200+ conservative flag and general officers. Then Obama established a special screening board for colonels and captains that were in the zone for promotion to flag or general officer. In 2008, and over the previous 231 years, the US armed forces had never had such a screening board to determine if colonels and captains were “politically correct” enough to be allowed to go up before flag and general officer promotion boards.

That type of uncalled for screening went on for 8 straight years, resulting in the elimination of thousands of highly qualified combat-tested conservative officers and replacing them instead with “politically correct” flag and general officers acceptable to Obama. Obama established new and dangerous rules of engagement, had transgender personnel recruited into the military, depleted military ammunition inventories, and allowed Communist China to overtake the US naval shipbuilding program while falling behind in replacing vital combat aircraft. Today, Communist China has a larger navy than the US Navy, and Biden, Harris, and Obama (behind the scenes) will happily watch Communist China’s military outgrow the US military.

The socialist Democrat Party revealed that 80% of members of the US armed forces voted for President Donald Trump. Biden, Harris, and Obama are overly concerned about the conservative and white members who make-up of the backbone of the US military. The attack on the make-up of rank-and-file US military personnel has begun in earnest, commencing the removal conservative white elements from its ranks in much the same manners that conservative flag and general officers were screened out of the US military.

For the past 4 years, law enforcement officers were demeaned, targeted, and attacked by the foot soldiers of the socialist Democrat Party, i.e., ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists. About 50 police officers were killed in premeditated ambushes over the last 4 years in the riots in 200+ Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities where over 2000 police officers were hospitalized. Here is Biden’s view of police officers, veterans, and the military personnel:

Now, it is the active-duty military, reserve components, and National Guard who must be targeted because Americans are being told by the leftist mainstream media, and Big Tech that the US military not only has “systemic racists” and “white supremist” elements within its ranks, but more importantly the existing make-up of the military did not vote for Biden and Harris. And that must be changed at all costs! On January 29th, Biden’s transgender executive order was issued, changing the Trump administration’s restriction on recruiting transgender personnel. Secretary of Defense Austin then issued a military-wide order specifying that the previous DoD restrictions on transgenderism would be lifted. Any exceptions or objections to fully supporting transgenderism, including the conscience religious clauses previously allowed that conflicted with Biden and Obama’s transgender policies are no longer be permitted, regardless of the consequences. Are Christians who oppose transgenderism based on their religious conviction going to be accused of “extremism” and booted from the US Military? If so, that would be a violation the First Amendment’s guarantee “freedom of religion” for all Americans.

Military women will be most immediately and negatively affected by Biden’s directive. Personal privacy is rare enough in the US armed forces because of close living quarters, but Biden is ordering women to share their private facilities with biological males who are claiming to be transgender women, and this will be very destructive to good order, discipline, and morale.

The previous DoD regulation that personnel with gender dysphoria who join the US military will not be permitted to obtain sex reassignment surgery must remain in effect! Military hospitals are already overtaxed with many serious combat-related surgeries often delayed because of lack of capacity, and the number of therapists who deal with the heavy combat-related PTSD and related military family treatment makes transgender therapy for sex reassignment surgeries unsustainable. Sex reassignment surgery to complete multiple genitals, breasts, and facial surgeries typically take over two years of constant hospitalization at a cost in of more than $100,000, and a transgender patient would be off-duty for over 2 years, with the period of enlistment shortly over afterward. In the past, the medical costs for 994 military personnel diagnosed with gender dysphoria increased by 300% and required 30,000 mental health visits – an unacceptable cost for 994 personnel.

Biden, Harris, and Obama are having the FBI dig into social media accounts of anyone who went to Washington, DC, on January 6th to hear the speech of President Trump at the Washington Monument (a massive administrative undertaking costing millions of dollars). …. The Biden administration has since been trying to cast those military personnel as “systemic racists” and “white supremacists” in the eyes of Americans.

When the White House was under attack by violent mobs in 2020, led by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, and seriously injuring Secret Service Agents and US Park Police, DOD objected to providing military protection. Considering the reluctance by DOD to provide that security, something seemed terribly wrong with the deployment of 26,000 National Guard troops to Washington, DC, for the inauguration, and the establishment of Pelosi’s “Great Wall” topped with concertina wire. Pelosi turned the Capitol Hill complex into a militarized no man’s zone, patrolled by more armed troops than are currently deployed collectively in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq, as shown in this video:

The question remains: why are thousands of armed National Guard personnel remaining in DC into March? Biden, Harris, and Obama are turning the Republic into a totalitarian state with lockdowns, closing hundreds of thousands of small businesses, with no group meetings, no church gatherings, and no children allowed to go to school. But they are fine with a walled no-go zone in DC while allowing liquor stores, marijuana stores, gambling casinos, and strip joints to operate, as well as thousands of violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter looters to riot in the streets with no rioting restrictions in 200+ sanctuary cities across the country.

A more sobering question never asked by the leftist mainstream media, nor explained to the American people by the Biden Administration, was what was the “threat” that required 26,000 armed troops to be deployed to DC in the first place? The Biden Administration never identified what the “threat assessment” was all about! The governors of Blue states, where there were ongoing riots over the past 12 months, very seldom mobilized the National Guard to restore order like Pelosi did in DC. Those governors could have easily identified that the rioters were ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists torching thousands of police cruisers, taking over police precincts, injuring over 2000 police officers, and committing arson. For over one year, FBI Director Wray issued no orders for the FBI in 200+ sanctuary cities to protect police officers, to arrest thousands of Domestic Terrorists, prosecute, and incarcerate them as appropriate.

Amid continuing riots by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, a general order was issued by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, directing that all members of the US armed forces must complete a 60-day stand down to address “extremism in the ranks.” Austin, Biden, and Harris (under the stealth directions of Obama) are falsely accusing the 2+ million service members of harboring “extremists and white supremacists” in their ranks!  Defaming the US military and creating instability and worry among career members of the US armed forces is unprecedented, unnecessary, divisive, and a dangerous practice because it will destabilize unit cohesion and negatively impact readiness and combat effectiveness.

The Biden Administration continues to state they intend to end “systemic racism” in the US armed forces.  Systemic Racism” simply does not exist in US armed forces or in the United States like it exists in Communist China, in the radical Islamic terrorist state of Iran, Communist Cuba, Communist Venezuela, and many African and Middle East Countries. America is the least racist country in the world, yet members of the Biden Administration imply that many members of the US armed forces are inherent racists, homophobes, white supremacists, and/or other extremists – an indictment which lacks proof. Note: after extensive investigation, a total of four of the 26,000 National Guard Troops were sent home on suspicion of being “extremists”— but what does “extremist” mean anyway, as we still have no definition from the government?

For the last 50 years, the US military has been the role model for racial integration and for addressing and overcoming discrimination. The understanding between races within the US armed forces has made the US military one of the few places in society where advancement to the most senior ranks have been much less biased than in most integrated work forces around the nation. There are no races or colors in a foxhole; the occupants of those foxholes are all bonded brothers, leaning forward with bayonets fixed, protecting each other’s backs. The new Secretary of Defense and the current Chief of the US Air Force rose to the rank of four-star general, and both are black. “Systemic racism” – if it truly existed in the military – would have precluded those promotions from happening.

Five months after the election of Biden, the continuing serious external national security threats from Communist China, Communist North Korea, Communist Cuba, the radical Islamic terrorist state of Iran, Communist Venezuela, Marxist Russia, The Muslim Brotherhood international terrorist organization, radical Islamic terrorist organizations in the Middle East, and domestic terrorist groups like BLM and Antifa in the US just haven’t seemed to be the urgent policy focus of the Oval Office. Rather, the daily focus is on the alleged systemic racism, white nationalists, and white supremacists within the ranks of the US armed forces and is repeatedly publicly by socialist Democrats, including Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, and their political allies in the leftist mainstream media, and Big Tech.

The fact that the Biden, Harris, and Obama appear fixated on systemic racism, white nationalists, and white supremacists within the ranks of the US armed forces could very well embolden the real threats to the country with potentially catastrophic consequences for US national security in the future. Who is really in charge in charge of the Biden Administration and hell-bent on undermining the US military (a question Americans never asked about the Trump administration)?

The worst kept secret in the West Wing of the White House is that Biden’s apparent dementia is making it exceedingly difficult for him to execute the duties of his office. The socialist Democrats are essentially allowing Harris to usurp Biden’s power by having her call foreign heads of state – something vice presidents never do. In addition, the President’s February State of the Union Address has been put off (if not cancelled outright) by Biden’s handlers – likely because he doesn’t have the mental acuity or physical stamina to deliver the requisite speech to Congress and the nation. Under Obama’s instructions, Biden has signed over 80 executive orders whose content of which he has no knowledge, bypassing Congress. For all practical purposes, Obama is running the government behind the scenes with one Biden executive order after another, canceling Trump orders and reinstating Obama’s orders.

This week Pelosi had 31 of congressional socialist Democrats write a letter demanding that the nuclear codes, “The Football”, that always accompanies the President should no longer be under Biden’s sole control. Pelosi has now joined in the above plan to neuter the Commander-in-Chief, apparently using Biden’s dementia as her reason. Pelosi would never have executed that initiative on her own; she must have received her instructions to do so from Obama via his long-time aide Susan Rice, who is Biden’s domestic policy advisor. Despite Harris’s lack of qualifications, her extreme unpopularity, and her family’s long time Marxist and Communist background, the plan is for Harris to become the first female president of color, and it is well underway. The current DoD stand down will look like a walk in the park if the Marxist Harris has her way!

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

CAPT, USN (Ret)/Former FBI

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108

The end.

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