They Are Our Enemies

AP Photo/Steve Helber

The people dancing in the streets after the US Supreme Court tossed the Texas lawsuit yesterday are our enemies. They are not our family members, colleagues, business associates, clients, customers, neighbors, or acquaintances. They are our enemies, pure and simple. Willingly or not, informed or not, ignorant or not, corrupt or not, they would usher in the destruction of the American Republic – and apparently not bat an eye in doing so! Does the Democrat platform (read it here for yourself!) comport with your idea of the promises of the Founders and the rights instantiated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights? These people are Communists filled with hatred for America as it was founded. The sooner we figure that out, the sooner we can deal with them accordingly. They must be defeated politically at all costs if our progeny is going to have the same opportunities and freedoms as we have enjoyed.

I have said some of the aforementioned on social media in recent weeks, and the responses from the weak-kneed truly disgust me: “They’re my family; I am silent when they talk politics.” “Oh, they’re just ignorant, but I’ve got better things to do than to clue them in.” “You’re being too mean! They are our friends!” And many more responses that make me sick.

Since 1916, Americans have allowed the growth of a political class to “run the country.” We have been too busy working, providing for our families, raising our children, and living our lives to pay attention to the duties of a citizenry charged by Founding Father Ben Franklin with keeping the Republic. We failed to realize that the pollical class has been stealing us blind from the moment the 16th Amendment was passed, and the Era of Big Government began. It has taken the Age of Trump to peel the scales from the eyes of many who were willfully blind to the corruption of our federal agencies and both political parties (together comprising the Deep State or “Swamp”). The personal epiphanies experienced by Americans concerning our politics and the corruption of the political class have been non-stop since the 2016 campaign!

We have gotten to the point that the political class (especially the Democrat Party) are blatantly attempting to steal a presidential election. The massive election fraud has been detailed in hundreds of lawsuit affidavits, sworn testimonies in state election fraud hearings, videos detailing the fraud, and expert statistical and other analyses (for example, here and here). The fraud is undeniable, but the Democrats, RINOs, and their media enablers completely ignore and refuse to investigate. Apparently, they all would be fine with using counterfeit money to purchase merchandise, too. Meanwhile, the courts refuse to hear Trump campaign lawsuits due to “process” and “standing” technicalities. Nowhere are the courts actually examining the evidence!

And our fellow citizens who think nothing of this are clueless about the long-term impacts on the rule of law, equal protection under the law, and the US Constitution. They are truly mushrooms, not some other convenient long-standing pejoratives like “clowns” or “fools.” A mushroom loves the dark and the consumption of fecal and decaying matter. Our citizen mushrooms love remaining inside their opaque, fact-free, and self-made cocoons while being willfully blind to reality and consuming the tripe and lies daily from the Democrat-media complex.

Such as these are our enemies, and it’s time to wake up and realize that basic fact. They live on an emotional plane that cannot be touched by fact and reason, and they really don’t care about the future of America. They can’t be persuaded to see the truth; they don’t care about the consequences of voting Democrats and are just fine with acquiescing to the stealing of the 2020 election.

And yet if pressed, these people don’t even believe that Biden won! Deep down, they KNOW that the election is in the process of being stolen by Biden and the Democrats. Nobody seriously believes that an absentee candidate who couldn’t draw a roomful of people at his paltry number of campaign appearances somehow magically received more votes that any presidential candidate in American history. You know Democrats in your own circle who, if pressed, will admit to that. And you know in your own gut that there was MASSIVE Democrat-perpetrated election fraud. And the political class knows it, too, despite their unwillingness to examine the evidence and their rush to inaugurate Dementia Joe.

What is the point of making nice to these people when the consequences for the future are so dire? What is the point of doing the Christian thing and turning the other cheek? They want us to meekly knuckle under and be silenced. Screw that! They all need to be confronted at every opportunity, called out for what they are (enemies of America and Constitution), chastised at every opportunity, and ostracized. We also need to light fires under our elected representatives regardless of party and broom the political class. And any money you spend should be spent on businesses who are your political allies, not any who support Democrat or globalist causes – and certainly not on ANYONE who advertises on the legacy media. Where you spend your money makes a real difference.

Let’s face it: there will always be charlatans, liars, grifters, knaves, and thieves in the political class. It’s what they do! The trick is to pay them sufficient attention in order to winkle the truth of their enduring corruption out of them, and then to vote them out (or better yet, prevent them from being elected in the first place!). But more importantly, we need to confront those mushrooms and lemmings who vote for these people. In point of fact, our real enemies are those who elect these Pied Pipers time after time, and the sooner we learn to deal with that root cause, the better for the country at large. No war – including those of the political variety – can be won without the enemy first having been properly identified.

Identify who the enemies are in your own lives and confront them whenever possible. Don’t let them smugly think that their politics are benign. Don’t let them be comfortable with their repeating of Democrat-media memes and narratives or with their choices. Get in their faces. Invade their safe spaces. Knock down their ideologically-oriented Potemkin villages. Explain what is at stake. And call them what they truly are. Enemies.

The end.


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