Pardon Joe Biden Now!

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President Trump has given the Democrats a taste of their own medicine with the October surprise of all October surprises! Courtesy of Hunter Biden’s emails disclosed by the New York Post, we now know that Joe Biden has been effectively running a mafioso-style family feeding on foreign corruption in Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, and who knows where else for years!

Where Things Stand: The spinners in the legacy media echo chamber are doing their damnedest to try to discredit and bury the Hunter Biden laptop revelations (for example, here and here). The Biden campaign issued a non-denial denial by saying the purported meeting set up by Hunter between the Burisma rep and his VP father in the White House “wasn’t on the official schedule” while also playing out the “Russian disinformation” card (see here). It has been reported that the FBI is investigating whether Rudy Giuliani (a key player in making the Hunter Biden laptop information public) is a victim of “Russian disinformation” (see here and here). The media are working overtime to discredit the store owner and the contents of the laptop – without reporting what the New York Post has uncovered. Social media – Twitter and Facebook most prominently – have blocked the Post’s main account and prevented dissemination of the bombshell stories. Republicans in Congress and at the Republican National Committee are accusing Twitter, et al., of providing in-kind contributions to the Biden campaign and election tampering by hiding the Post’s stories from the American people. Former Clinton White House operative George Stephanopoulos (now masquerading as a “journalist” at ABC) refused to ask Joe Biden a direct question about Hunter’s emails during Thursday night’s townhall snooze-fest. President Trump is doing his best to keep the issue in the public eye while the media are ignoring his public comments on the Biden family corruption exposed by the New York Post. Tucker Carlson stated unequivocally on his Friday night show that the Hunter Biden laptop contents have been confirmed. The disgraced Adam Schiff claims that the Hunter Biden emails “came from the Kremlin.” Meanwhile, the media, Biden campaign, and the Democrat Party are all trying to run out the clock and hoping to keep the main corruption story and the revelations that are daily dripping out in the Post, Fox News, and independent media out of the mainstream media and the public eye. They refuse to report the Hunter Biden email revelations as fact (despite the hard evidence of actual emails, as opposed to “unnamed sources” like the legacy media use all the time for their anti-Trump stories!) – or to even consider the possibility that they are in fact true!

Breaking Through the Media’s Fog: Here is the way President Trump can break through the continuing legacy media fog of obfuscation, spinning, and lies around this earth-shaking story of Biden family corruption: he can simply pardon Joe Biden now for his corrupt actions. The pardon can detail everything associated with the information contained on the Hunter Biden laptop and force the legacy media to cover the story while ensuring that all of the American people learn about the corruption over the years of the Biden family. Here are some related considerations:

  • The pardon should be narrowly focused on Biden’s corruption, which leaves the door open for future prosecution for Spygate-related actions and other matters.
  • Only Biden should be pardoned, not his family members who are directly involved in that corruption.
  • The pardon should be announced by the President publicly with all due magnanimity and graciousness. The press corps would erupt!
  • Some would fume that “Biden is getting off the hook” when he should be going straight to jail (after due process). This election is too important to the future of the country. It’s a useful trade to pardon Biden in exchange for forcing the story of his and his family’s decades-long corruption into the consciousness of voters before 3 November. Furthermore, Biden was merely Obama’s sidekick for 8 years, using his office to enrich his family and himself. There are plenty of other more important targets left to prosecute besides him!
  • The President’s direction to declassify documents is being slow-walked by the CIA, FBI, and other agencies. He can’t personally declassify documents; he has to rely on others to execute the mechanics of that declassification. The only political action left to the President at this point is to force disclosure of Biden’s corruption via a presidential pardon.
  • The Durham investigation may or may not be “the real deal.” In any event, there won’t be an indictment or even concrete disclosures of Obama regime apparatchiks’ illegal actions and sedition before 3 November. While the American people deserve to know what actually transpired in 2016-17 before they vote this year, that won’t happen. To repeat, the only political action left to the President at this point is to force disclosure of Biden’s corruption via a presidential pardon. Let Durham’s secretive legal process play out according to its own timeline after the election.

To Summarize: Joe Biden, the Biden campaign, the Democrats and their allies who dominate the legacy media are all feverishly trying to obfuscate, spin, debunk, and ignore the bombshell revelations of Biden family corruption disclosed in emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop. The most direct way to force the story into the mainstream would be for the President to issue a limited pardon to Joe Biden. A presidential pardon would force the media to cover the pardon and also Joe Biden to publicly respond to the corruption detailed in the pardon – and destroy Biden’s candidacy at just the right time.

The end.

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