Kevin McCarthy Provides More Insight Into the Start of Spread of the Wuhan Virus

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The Democrat-media complex has been caterwauling for weeks about the Trump Administration’s supposedly “chaotic response” to the Wuhan virus health crisis while trying to persuade Americans that the President is “incompetent and doesn’t know what he’s doing.” They conveniently ignore that:

  • The President placed travel restrictions to China on 31 January while Democrats accused him of “racism”
  • The President created an interagency Coronavirus Task Force in January to combat the spread and prepare public health organizations around the US
  • A plan has been developed and implemented to coordinate federal response efforts with state and local public health agencies
  • A supplemental funding request was submitted to the House in February (the Democrats piled on the pork to balloon it to nearly three times the President’s request)
  • The travel restrictions were later extended to Iran and Italy, with general travel advisories and public health warnings issues on a continuing basis
  • Test kits are being developed in mass quantities
  • The President has spoken directly to the public about federal response efforts a number of times over the past six weeks

Oh, and there is this big news announced just yesterday by the White House:

Earlier today, President Trump and the Vice President met with executives from America’s largest health insurance companies, where they announced a major deal.

“I’m pleased to report, as you requested, Mr. President, that all the insurance companies here—either today or before today—have agreed to waive all copays on coronavirus testing and extend coverage for coronavirus treatment in all of their benefit plans,” the Vice President said.

But the Democrats’ big tech allies are making it difficult for average Americans to find out what the Trump Administration is doing by suppressing web searches and limiting the topics returned to negative stories. Try your own web search on “White House plans to combat the coronavirus” and see what responses you get.

None of the real actions taken by the Administration matter to Democrats who are busy complaining but are once again short on concrete recommendations. This is how they roll! So, it is good to see senior elected Republicans making appearances in the legacy media in order to get the real word out on what is going on.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was interviewed by Judge Jeanine Pirro on her program the other night and provided more perspective on the early stages of the spread of the contagion in China, as well as actions underway to combat the disease here in America. While McCarthy continues his mangled English, he has definitely grown on me a little bit, especially in his press conferences and public statements throughout the impeachment farce. That said, I wish he was more forceful, particularly in regards to confronting the intransigence and resistance of House Democrats in particular.

Here is some of that Q&A:

Pirro: I’d like to know about China’s role in the coronavirus. We know it started in the Wuhan province, but what can you tell us about that?

McCarthy: Well, it started there, but the real problem is President Xi denied it, where he did not allow when President Trump requested bringing American scientists, doctors into help, Xi did not allow us in. We would have had more information; we would have been able to combat this sooner. Maybe we would have been able to contain it for the entire world right there in China. The doctor who warned them in November … no longer with us, but not allowed to go forward to tell us what was happening [before he died]. That’s a problem that happened. Thankfully, President Trump ended flights from China so early when the Democrats criticized him. Now he just signed [a] more than $8 billion [appropriation] that focuses on testing, treatment, and also telemedicine which is very important in how to deal with this – so you’re not running into the hospital … you could be at home, go over the phone, be in rural areas as well. This is an ability to actually treat it better.

Me: I have yet to hear any Democrat criticize the Chinese for exacerbating the spread of the disease around the world. This is exactly the difference between closed societies like Communist China and free societies like America, but the Democrats fail to make those comparisons because the reality is that they admire and envy the ChiComs’ political and socio-economic control over their people – and would love to have similar control over Americans here.

Pirro: Doctors always say that they have to see patients – that they have to come in before giving out prescriptions.

McCarthy: But technology today … so we weighed it … should you really be going in to an area and contaminate others … it’s a better way of treating it. In the last five years, we’ve increased funding to NIH and CDC by more than 40%. The Republicans even created the Infectious Disease Rapid Response fund. We are prepared for this. Remember Gilead is already in a trial, testing how to best treat it. You’ve got Johnson & Johnson already working on a vaccine, and other companies as well. This is the ingenuity of America, and I give the President a lot of credit for bringing in not just government but the private sector. And look what he did last week: the pharmaceutical [companies] looking to a vaccine and treatment … down at the NIH … down at the CDC. This is [way] we should treat this and get it done. We should have had this done last week, but the Democrats held up the supplemental … the $8 billion … so they could run adds against Republicans. This is not a time for politics, but that’s what the Democrat campaign committee on seven Republicans [running for Congress in California] last week.

Me: Public-private partnerships are the key, leveraging the free enterprise incentives of the pharmaceutical companies to expedite the development of a vaccine and drug treatments. And Pelosi holding up the appropriation for maximum Democrat political benefit? Just another indication that the Democrats only care about their own political fortunes, not the health, welfare, and safety of American citizens.

Pirro: Speaking of Democrats, when Chuck Schumer (D-CA) this week criticized two Supreme Court justices put there by Donald Trump – Gorsuch and Kavanaugh – basically threatening them with violence … “You’ll pay the price. You won’t know what hit you.” Should Chuck Schumer be impeached? What should happen to him?

McCarthy: If this was a Republican going to the Supreme Court and intimidating individuals … America is supposed to be an exchange of ideas, not just when you agree with them … to intimidate them and incite violence against them … I think Republicans would change their leadership. Democrats should do the same.

Me: Here we see evidence of the “old McCarthy,” i.e., the conflict avoider who is afraid to go nose to nose with the Democrats and say what really needs to be said! He should have demanded that Schumer resign, not pass the buck to the Democrats so they could clean up their own mess. When are Republican leaders going to actually start fighting back? One would think that they had learned something from the President over the past four years.

Pirro: But they’re not.

McCarthy: That tells you a lot. Do they support what he’s saying? I would stand up against this is I was a Democrat. I’ve watched before where a Republican leader had to leave office based on something they said. The same thing should happen here. What the Democrats are doing …  they didn’t like the President … that he won … so they impeached him. They don’t like conservatives on college campuses, so they tried to intimidate them. He doesn’t like what’s happening in the court system, so again they’re trying to intimidate him. This is what the new socialist Democrats believe. They want to control your production, they want to control what you’re saying, they want to control your thoughts. If we had the Democrats’ plan for healthcare here [he is implying the very costly Medicare-for-All nonsense], we wouldn’t be having the money to work on cures … we wouldn’t have the private sector out there working on a vaccine and other responses. This is dangerous that if they are able to win in November and go forward … that’s why we have to take the House back.

Me: He got that right. The Democrats are all about control, and they would shut down all opposition political speech and control every aspect of our very lives if we let them. As a political animal, he is focused on regaining the House (and possibly the Speaker’s baton for himself), but I can’t fault him for that.

End of the Q&A. We need to see more Republicans pushing back on the false Democrat-media narrative about the Trump Administration’s response to the Wuhan virus health emergency.

The end.


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