The Border Wall and Other Good News

The legacy media are going 24/7 on impeachment now that Nancy Pelosi (Snow White) has identified the “Seven Dwarfs” as the House managers for the upcoming Senate trial. Let the Democrats and their lickspittle media walk the plank on impeachment. There is a lot of really good news these days reflecting significant accomplishments by President Trump, including achieving energy independence, new stock market records, record low unemployment across all demographics, and an historic phase one trade deal with the People’s Republic of China.


Oh, and there’s some good news on the “build the wall” front that is pretty much suppressed – or disparaged – by the legacy media. Did you know that the flood of illegal aliens across the southern border has been greatly curtailed in recent months? Here are some statistics courtesy of the Washington Examiner:

There are a lot of statistics Mark A. Morgan, acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner, uses to show how Trump policies have helped to cut illegal immigration into the United States. But there are two that he feels really make clear the victory his agency has had in the past year, and he highlighted them in a small meeting Tuesday.

First is daily apprehensions, a number that hit 4,600 at the height of the latest crisis in May. That has now dropped to 1,300. What’s more, he said, the 21-daily average is below 1,000, a 78% cut. “That’s a dramatic reduction,” he said, in updating the numbers released last week.

Then there are the numbers of illegal immigrants “in custody.” That was a horrific 20,000 in May for an agency that has just 4,000 beds. Now a quarter of those beds are unused.

Noting that Congress has done little to change outdated immigration laws, he said that Trump took action and built relationships with Mexico and other Central American nations that now hold immigrants seeking to come into the U.S. until the government gives them the green light.


The next bit of wall-related news is about more money being diverted to building The Wall. Here is the way that left-wing Vox(dot)com reported the news:

[T]he White House will use last year’s national emergency declaration to pull $3.5 billion from military counter-drug enforcement, up significantly from the $2.5 billion taken from the same program in 2019. An additional $3.2 billion will be taken from Department of Defense construction projects for additional fencing projects. The number is more than five times the amount allocated to barrier construction by Congress for 2020.

The funds transfer would bring the total amount devoted to border wall construction under Trump to $18.4 billion. So far, the administration has only completed about 101 miles of barrier construction, far short of the 450 miles Trump promised to complete by the end of this year. However, administration officials have recently begun counting miles of fencing under construction — rather than completed — as their goal metric, moving the goalposts on Trump’s promise.

Did you catch how Vox spun things in the last paragraph by claiming that the President is moving the goalpost on his promise to build the wall? Give me a break! The Democrats have completely refused to fund any portion of the wall, the President is finding creative ways to get it done, and Vox caterwauls that he’s “moving the goalpost” on wall-building metrics? Please.


The President continues to take care of the people’s business despite the distraction of the Democrats’ impeachment hoax. It’s called WINNING, and Americans are witnessing the first president in memory delivering on his campaign promises. Imagine what he could accomplish if he had even a modicum of Democrat and legacy media support?

The end.


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