The Slumbering Giant is Awakening

On 7 December 1941, the Japanese attack on US Navy ships and military installations at Pearl Harbor was a shock to America. Beginning in 2017, some Americans were shocked to learn of an equally treacherous attack on the country by an insidious Deep State cabal against then-candidate and later President Donald J. Trump. Some Americans have yet to learn about that attempted and ongoing coup because they still blindly believe the legacy media who continue to deny that reality but were full participants in it, as detailed in Lee Smith’s new book, “The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History.”


Is it possible to connect these two events in some way? I thank a long-time pal for a short email on the anniversary of the Japanese surprise attack yesterday, which turned on a 1000-Watt light bulb for me! Let me explain. My friend quoted a statement attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto after the Pearl Harbor attack, as immortalized in the excellent movie, “Tora! Tora! Tora!”: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” My pal pointed out that the threats to the country were largely external in those days, but the current threat is decidedly more of an internal one in 2019. He goes on to question whether a similar “slumbering giant” will be awakened in 2020 in time to save the Republic from the insane leftists currently running the Democrat Party. Let’s examine his excellent analogy.

First of all, although there does not appear to be any direct evidence of that quote in any of Yamamoto’s private papers or those of his inner staff at the time to confirm it, there is no doubt that Yamamoto had a great appreciation for the vast industrial and military potential of America in 1941. He knew America well, having attended Harvard in the early 1920s and served two tours as an Imperial Japanese Navy naval attaché in Washington, DC. Reportedly, he was fluent in English, which would have greatly facilitated his conclusions about America in general. And those conclusions crystallized into a strongly-held belief that Japan could not win a protracted war with the US. So even if that precise quote was manufactured, it was probably pretty close to what he actually thought at the time.


And there is no doubt that a “slumbering giant” was indeed awakened. President Roosevelt’s radio address after the attack galvanized the country into action. By the end of the Pacific War, the Japanese were overwhelmed by the military and industrial might of the United States (especially through the rapid build-up of US Navy ships centered around modern aircraft carriers and their embarked air wings that included state-of-the-art aircraft that destroyed the Imperial Japanese Navy), and Japan’s hope for a stalemate with the US that would enable them to consolidate and retain their territorial gains made from 1935-1941 was destroyed. Just as Yamamoto had predicted.

The euphemism “slumbering giant” has been used in other forms, including in the American political realm, too. Most prominent in that regard is Nixon’s reference to the “Silent Majority” in his address to the nation in 1969 in which he requested support from that amorphous group to help him end the Vietnam War. He later used it during his reelection campaign against George McGovern and his leftist Democrat supporters by requesting the votes of the silent majority of Americans who were aghast about the leftist-instituted riots that had been tearing the country apart for several years, as well as the infiltration of some of those leftists into the McGovern campaign. The slumbering giant awakened indeed for Nixon in the 1972 election, as he trounced McGovern by carrying 49 of 50 states.

Well, we’ve seen sporadic leftist-instituted riots in recent years, too, from the likes of the Occupy Wall Street, Antifa and Black Likes Matter crowd – enough to shock and enrage a large slice of what Nixon would refer to as “the silent majority.” But the riots themselves, while stirring up great unease among “normal” Americans, have not resulted in a great political awakening – yet! However, one could say that President Trump’s Make America Great Again movement is an excellent step in the right direction.


Could the exposure of the ongoing coup against President Trump be the spark that truly awakens that “slumbering giant” across the land in 2020? There’s a decent shot at that happening, as the DoJ Inspector General’s report on 2016 FISA abuse will doubtless shock many Americans when it is released on Monday. In parallel, we have watched in disbelief at the Democrats’ rush to impeachment based on a carefully constructed set of false allegations built on hearsay and personal opinion. It will be easy for many Americans to connect Obama-era FISA abuse with the Democrats’ impeachment gambit in 2019; they are part of the same continuum of actions by the coup to remove President Trump, and they will NOT stop until we stop them ourselves.

Then there is US Attorney John Durham’s announced criminal investigation into the origins of the 2016 counter-intelligence investigation focused on the Trump campaign, including linkages to foreign intelligence agencies. That’s going to include looking into corruption in Ukraine, too, and that’s one reason for the Democrats’ insane rush to impeachment.

Will the revelations to come in these matters truly awaken the sleeping giant in 2020? Here is how my pal characterizes the stakes:

In 1941, the threats to America were external (although many good citizens even then feared with good reason the corrupt socialist dictatorship of 4-term “President-for-Life” FDR. Today, the most serious existential threats are internal–the socialist and communist Democrats, direct spawn of FDR’s agenda.

Let’s surely hope that something in the next year and the Nov 2020 elections will be like a Pearl Harbor for the American people–that will awaken a slumbering giant and instill in him a terrible resolve” so that the American people unite and mobilize on all fronts against the Democrats and their evil schemes of the totally corrupt Soros-Clintons-Obama mafias. The threat is far worse than Japanese Zeros over Pearl Harbor.

What is happening now in the House of Representatives, with Brennan’s agents in the intelligence community, with Comey’s allies remaining in the FBI, and with Kerry’s/Clinton’s sycophants remaining in the State Department, as well as with those Democrats in sanctuary cities and also in the courts perverted by Obama-appointed far-Left radical activist judges and district attorneys, MUST galvanize ordinary Americans of all kinds to rise against the coup d’etat that is aimed at installing a totalitarian one-party state that will forever bury our democratic Republic and the US Constitution.


Whew! And people call me an extreme right-winger. Actually, he has conveyed my sentiments perfectly (although I hope he will forgive me in changing his wording from “DemonRat” to “Democrat” throughout – not that I disagree).

Perhaps some of those Americans who deny the existence of the coup will read Smith’s book, look at the evidence forthcoming in the FISA abuse report, examine the false impeachment-related evidence that will be presented by Democrats before the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, and carefully review what Durham uncovers, and then join the slumbering giant that is being awakened – just in time to join the Red Wave in November 2020.

The end.


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