Obama's ATF calls for national data base of gun owners

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Obama - Give Me Your Guns

Barack Hussein Obama has been a consistent opponent of our constitutional right under the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms. And ever since his administration put its “X” on the dotted line of the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty–which would make our rights subject to the international body essentially making them null and void–he has made the repeal of our gun rights a top priority throughout his term.


One of his favorite ways to attempt this feat is by leveraging tragedies where guns were used by a mentally ill individual or a follower of radical Islam to commit the mass murder of innocent people. While not intended to be all-inclusive, here’s a brief timeline of recent events and how the administration responded:

  1. June, 2015: Nine innocent people are killed at a church in Charleston, SC by a deranged racist. While the racial motivations were clear, Obama calls for gun control.
  2. July, 2015: Using the Charleston tragedy as a backdrop, Obama announces a plan to deny senior citizens their gun rights if they are unable to balance their own checkbook.
  3. August, 2015: Obama targets veterans’ gun rights for the same reason he targeted seniors.
  4. October, 2015: Ten people are killed at a community college in Oregon by a man specifically targeting Christians. After making a statement that America is the only country suffering such violence, Obama calls for gun control.
  5. December, 2015: Obama meets with the anti-gun rights mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, to discuss strategies to repeal or restrict our Second Amendment rights.
  6. January, 2016: Following the release of a plethora of unconstitutional anti-gun executive orders, Obama hits the road to promote them while laughing off concerns that it will lead to gun confiscation.
  7. June, 2016: Following the murder of 50+ patrons of a gay nightclub in Orlando, FL by a follower of radical Islam, Obama is joined by Democrats and Republicans in a call for new laws restricting gun-rights.
  8. July, 2016: A sniper in Dallas, TX kills or wounds a dozen police officers during a Black Lives Matters march. Obama responds with a call for more gun control and the creation of a 21st Century Gestapo.

In addition, Democrats made repealing the Second Amendment a priority–even adding it the party platform–and the Trump campaign openly advocated for the same. Meanwhile, House Republicans proposed an idea to create a sort of Minority Report pre-crime unit designed to seize guns from people who might commit a crime.

Back to Obama’s plans and the title of this article; the deputy director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms appeared on CBS’s Sunday Morning program and advocated for the creation of a computerized data base of all gun purchases. In other words,

Obama’s plan to fundamentally transform America continues. And with his well-established record of totally disregarding the Constitution, who knows what might happen between now and January, 2017. For that matter, with our next president likely to be Trump or Hillary, an increase in the number of Democrats in Congress and a judicial branch stacked with anti-gun liberals, it might not matter what he gets done by then.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you don’t already own a gun . . . GET ONE!

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