Joe Biden to Sign Deal With China That Locks in China's Strategic Superiority in the Pacific

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According to a report in the quasi-official South China Morning Post, when Joe Biden and China's President Xi Jinping meet Wednesday at the  Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco cleared of feces and fentanyl addicts (Surprise, Surprise: San Francisco Is Suddenly Cleaned Up for Xi Jinping, and Even the NYT Has Questions) — but not of stick-up men (San Fran Cleaned Up for Xi, but Not Enough - as News Crew Discovers When Armed Men Pull Up) — the two leaders will ink a deal that will cut the US off at the knees and lock in China's military dominance in the Western Pacific.


In a landmark agreement set to be announced at Wednesday's much-awaited bilateral meeting, Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping are poised to pledge a ban on the use of artificial intelligence in autonomous weaponry, such as drones, and in the control and deployment of nuclear warheads, two sources familiar with the matter confirmed to the Post.

There are a lot of reasons to be skeptical of this deal, starting with the Biden Crime Family's long history of doing business with businesses owned more or less directly by the Chinese government. 

Even though the United States withdrew from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty in 2019, we have not developed new weapons to fill the void left by an ill-conceived treaty from the 1980s with a country that openly flouted the treaty provisions. China, never a party to the treaty, has produced several hundred launch units and an unknown number of nuclear warheads in this weapons class. This locks the US into a position where its forces can be held hostage by a potential Chinese nuclear strike, and our only available retaliation is by using ICBMs.

The United States is widely recognized as the world leader in artificial intelligence research. China is number two. But the difference between the two is immense. Statista, measuring all inputs in AI research, rates the US as 100 on a scale of 1 to 100 and China at 54.7.

We've seen in Ukraine that drones are changing the entire face of warfare; see Putin's War, Week 89. Zelensky Gets an EU Invitation, the EU Looks East and the Russians Have a Timetable. By locking AI out of nuclear weapons guidance and drone operations, Biden will have effectively frozen the strategic situation in favor of China. They will continue to develop battlefield nuclear weapons while we are not. China will continue to advance in AI research and put their already massive program of stealing IP on steroids and meth to close the gap.


More importantly, what does the US get out of this deal besides a treaty with a dishonest partner? Nothing. The arms control mafia, who've never seen a treaty that makes the US weaker that they couldn't swoon over, is all over this.

Phil Siegel, the founder of the Center for Advanced Preparedness and Threat Response Simulation (CAPTRS), told Fox News Digital that such an agreement is "necessary," though he argued that other major powers such as Russia should be involved in the pact as well.

"I predict they will make a deal on AI-driven autonomous weapons on the battlefield should only be for reconnaissance and not fighting; otherwise, the world will become a very dangerous place," Siegel said. "I think there is more to come, and it is necessary to keep us from devolving to continual war."

Other people who aren't so enamored with their own cleverness disagree.

"This is an incredibly poor decision," [Christopher Alexander, the chief analytics officer of Pioneer Development Group] told Fox News Digital. "To begin with, China lags behind the U.S. in AI capabilities; so the Biden administration just ceded a strategic advantage. Additionally, AI helps reduce stress to improve decision-making, which is crucial in preventing a poor decision to release nuclear weapons.

Along with being a stupid strategic move, China has never adhered to any treaty that didn't heavily favor it. The behavior of the Chinese government in the South China Sea and as part of the WTO and Paris Climate Agreement shows that the only time they pay any attention to a treaty is when they can use the provisions to increase their power and influence.


This truly stupid idea hurts the US in every way possible and leaves us only with a Neville-Chamberlain-esque "piece of paper." We shouldn't be surprised that Joe Biden is signing it.



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