Education Secretary Cardona Claims Teachers Not You Know What Is Best for Your Kid

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One of the themes of local races during the 2020 election was “parental rights.” Despite Hillary Clinton’s idiotic “it takes a village” viewpoint, most Americans believe parents are the final arbiter over their children unless they are demonstrably and dangerously unfit. The US Supreme Court has stated, “the interest of parents in the care, custody and control of their children—is perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty interests recognized by this Court.”


In 2020, though, we saw startling revelations of how school systems routinely endangered children by refusing to respect the primacy and even the legitimacy of parental rights. In Loudoun County, Virginia, we saw how the school system protected sexual predators because they alleged they were “transgender.” We saw a parent arrested (Loudoun County Father Who Was Slandered, Beaten, and Arrested Speaks Out) for demanding answers about his daughter’s forcible sodomizing in a girls’ restroom (Loudoun County Grand Jury Gives Horrific Report on School Rape, Concerns Over ‘Transphobia’). We were treated to the pornography mainstreamed into the school curriculum under the guise of “diversity” and “inclusion.” Children have been encouraged to adopt a different gender and lie to their parents about it. They have been subjected to activities that can only be described as pedophilia grooming exercises. The more pressure applied by parents and relatively sane elected officials, the more insane these people have become (As Parents’ Rights Becomes a Hot Issue the Groomer Community Goes Nuts Fighting to Control Your Kids).

What we are seeing is not just the narcissism and sexual perversion of a handful of “educators.” The idea that teachers have the right to interfere in a child’s life or come between children and their parents is so pervasive that they don’t bother to disguise the contempt.


This pathology is not only developed in university education curricula; it is fed into the schools by the federal government.

This is patent bullsh**. And Cardona was promptly called out on it.


In an elementary school setting, a teacher divides the six-hour day between 20-30 students. This is about 18 minutes per child per day, assuming the teacher does not teach classes…an assumption I’m beginning to believe is close to the norm. Once students start changing classes, a teacher has to split the attention of a 45-50 minute class between the same number of students. The idea that a teacher who is highly motivated and diligent knows a child as well as their parents is so profoundly stupid that making that assertion should be grounds for commitment to a mental institution. The notion that my right to guide my child’s education and moral formation ends once they go to school is beyond wrong. It is insane.

The next GOP president must begin actively demolishing the Department of Education. It should be reduced to a handful of clerks who write grant checks to school districts. At the state level, we must encourage legislatures to pull the corrupt public education establishment that exists for the benefit of teachers and administrators out by the roots and replace it with a decentralized, home and community-based system that focuses on educational attainment. We need to pass laws that criminalize school teachers or administrators inserting themselves in any way into a child’s medical or psychological care. And we need laws that require that give parents standing to sue teachers or administrators if children are counseled about sexual orientation or any other non-academic subject without prior parental approval.


An educational system once the envy of the world has now become a morass of sexual deviants, moral cripples, and incompetents. We have to act to crush this nonsense before more kids’ lives are ruined.


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