Loudoun County Grand Jury Gives Horrific Report on School Rape, Concerns Over 'Transphobia'

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There’s little that makes me viscerally angry in politics, but this story out of Loudon County, VA is an exception. As RedState reported back in 2021, the school board there covered up the rape of two women there by a boy who dressed and used the girls’ restroom.


Astonishingly, the liberal prosecutor in the area actually went after the father of one of the rape victims for attempting to speak out about the ordeal at a school board meeting. Prior to that, he was beaten and arrested by the local police. In the end, the boy who committed the two rapes was found guilty and received a slap on the wrist.

Now, a special grand jury tasked with looking into the behavior of the local officials involved has been released, and it’s as horrific as you’d imagine. This comes via The Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak, who has been investigating this story for years.


In the fact-finding report, the nine-person Loudoun County panel disclosed for the first time that a teacher’s aide walked into the bathroom while the ninth-grade victim was being raped by her male classmate and saw two pairs of feet under a stall door, but did nothing. The 91-page report called out district officials for a host of lapses that continued long after the initial attack.

How could a teacher walk in on something like that and just do nothing? What kind of depraved faculty environment produces a teacher that would ignore a rape happening while they are in the same room? I just can’t imagine being that disconnected and cowardly.


Yet, there was a teacher’s assistant who did try to do something. Instead of their concerns being taken seriously, though, the school’s leadership decided to dismiss the complaint.

On May 22, 2021, a male student wearing a skirt anally raped a ninth-grader in a girls bathroom at Stone Bridge High School, shortly before the school board was to vote on a policy for transgender bathroom use. The school did not disclose that incident publicly, nor a second sexual assault committed in a classroom October 6, and even school board members only learned that the same person was behind both when The Daily Wire broke the story October 11, the report said. The second assault “could have, and should have, been prevented,” grand jurors found.

The report reveals that in the days before the bathroom rape, a teacher’s assistant wrote to her department chair that the student “has come into class more than once with his arm around a girl’s neck. I have caught him sitting on other girls’ laps several times … if this kind of reckless behavior persists, I wouldn’t want to be held accountable if someone should get hurt.”

School officials seemed more interested in getting the teacher’s aide in trouble than the student. The department chair “questioned the true motivation of the author,” the report said. The department chair mentioned the email to an assistant principal, who “questioned whether the author of the email had followed proper protocol” — even though it had been only 14 days since school had opened for the year because of COVID and the student had been in trouble numerous times.


You can read between the lines and figure out exactly what happened there. The school officials “questioned the true motivation of the author” because the boy involved wore a skirt and appeared to be transgender. There would have been no other reason to doubt the assistant teacher, and we know that the school board was desperate to implement a new transgender bathroom policy at the time. Further, the grand jury report reveals that the school board, despite knowing all of what had transpired, still moved forward to implement the transgender bathroom policy.

The grand jury even went so far as to report that they’d recommend charges for school board members and school officials if the statutes existed to do so. Unfortunately, the law is vague enough that no one will pay a price here. Even electorally, many of the worst actors are still in their positions, completely unapologetic over what happened.

Our society is sick. You have people ignoring the rapes of young girls because they are scared of offending the transgender lobby. This insanity has to stop, I’m just not sure how it does.


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