Louisville Bank Shooter Connor Sturgeon Left Behind a Manifesto Warning Us of Things to Come

Last Monday, 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon walked into his former workplace, Old National Bank, in downtown Louisville, KY, armed with an AR-15-style modern sporting weapon and opened fire.



By the time Sturgeon was fatally wounded, about 12 minutes after he opened fire and four minutes after police arrived, four bank employees — Joshua Barrick, 40, Deana Eckert, 57, Tommy Elliott, 63, Juliana Farmer, 57, and James Tutt, 64 — were dead, and eight were wounded, including 26-year-old rookie Louisville Police Department Officer Nickolas Wilt who is still in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head. See BREAKING: Five Dead, Including Shooter, at Old National Bank Shooting in Louisville Kentucky and Louisville Shooter Identified as 25-Year-Old Employee of Old National Bank.

As I’ve pointed out before, mass shootings only have “legs” in the media if they support a narrative, and, as I wrote at the time, the Louisville shooting was going to drop from view because it did not fit the narrative the gun-grabbing media need; see The Media Will Forget the Louisville Shooting Because It Doesn’t Support the Gun Control Narrative. The shooter had a master’s degree, his family was upper-middle-class, and he hated Trump and conservatives.


Just as Nashville murderer Audrey Hale left a manifesto that we’ve been unable to read (see We’ve Finally Found Something Lawyers Won’t Do for Money: Sue the Department of Justice to Release Nashville Killer’s Manifesto), Sturgeon also left behind a 13-page rationalization for killing five innocent people. The Daily Mail has seen the “manifesto” and gave his reasons for the shooting as 1) to prove how easy it was to buy a gun in Kentucky, 2) to highlight America’s “mental health crisis,” and 3) to die in the process.

We’ve seen a sudden trend in female-to-male transgenders becoming what appears to be the fastest-growing class of mass shooters. I think that is attributable to the 100% prevalence of severe mental illness in that group along with a feeling of entitlement and victimhood stoked by such events as the “Trans Day of Vengeance” (see The ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ Has Been Canceled, Just After the Transurrection Temper Trantrums in KY and TN). Online generic threats by potentially violent transgenders are becoming commonplace (A Warning to the Transgender Person Threatening Violence if He’s Stopped From Entering Women’s Restrooms).

Given the same level of rhetoric by the anti-Second-Amendment crowd, I can’t imagine how the speeches by David Hogg and Fred Guttenberg and any of the Moms Demand Action crowd won’t eventually begin to resonate with their mentally challenged followers who will happily seek out martyrdom if they believe they can move the cause of gun-grabbing forward.


The Manichean, life-and-death struggle the gun-grabbers describe could easily convince a mentally-unstable zealot that killing people is the quickest way to ban gun ownership. However, when you consider that most of these people are also virulently if not pathologically, opposed to conservatives, it isn’t a shock that a mentally unstable gun-grabber with suicidal ideation could decide to end it all to prove a point. The shock is that it doesn’t happen frequently.

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