A Warning to the Transgender Person Threatening Violence if He's Stopped From Entering Women's Restrooms

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I want to preface this article by ensuring that people, including the man I’m directly addressing, understand that I’m not writing this as a means to welcome violence. I’m not a violent man by nature, but I can become one if necessary, as most men can. This post isn’t to flex some kind of machismo, nor is it meant to be a challenge.


As written before when Antifa threatened to bring their violence and destruction to neighborhoods, this is a legitimate warning about what will happen, or more accurately, what I will be forced to do if a specific event takes place.

On Thursday, a TikTok video began making the rounds on Twitter in earnest that featured a man who identifies as a woman laying down a threat to those who wish to stop him from entering women’s restrooms. In the video, he dares people to try to stop him or any transgender woman from entering women’s restrooms, saying that if they do, it will be “the last mistake you ever make.” He follows this up by advocating for transgender people to arm themselves and begin rising up violently.

I’ll address the threat in a moment, but first I want to be very clear here to the man in this video, whom I will now address directly. This is also a message to anyone who thinks like him.

I’d rather things not get violent. I’d rather we practice common sense and understand that despite differences in firmly held beliefs, we can at least be understanding about each other’s positions given our circumstances.

But I realize we are living in that world increasingly less.

The bottom line is this: In the event that my wife, mother, sister, niece, or any female friend or acquaintance makes her way into the women’s restroom and I see you follow her in after, it’s my duty as a man to either stop you or, if for some reason I end up failing that, I will follow you into that room myself.


You can be incredibly furious about it all you want, and other women in that restroom can get mad. The owners of the establishment can even attempt to force me out. It won’t matter. I won’t budge. Until I can confirm that my charge is safe, you will be under my direct supervision. I will stand in front of your stall and wait for you to flush, tuck it back in, and leave. When you exit the room, I will leave the room. If the woman or girl I’m looking after leaves the room, I will leave the room.

But she will not be in that room alone with you, a male, if you make it in there at all. You can identify as whatever you want; it doesn’t change biology. Neither of us belongs in that room. I’d rather not be in there, but you can’t expect a man to just sit back and let another man follow a woman or child he cares about into a private, vulnerable place where it’s easy to be cornered. You force any man’s hand with that action.

I want to be clear that I’m not doing this out of bigotry. The ridiculous and unrealistic label of “transphobe” isn’t a factor. You might be a decent chap with no intention of harming anyone. You might just be there to mind your own business.

I don’t know that. I don’t know you. I don’t know your intentions.

What I do know is that it’s not uncommon for criminals to find ways to get into women’s spaces in order to do them harm or have their way with them. I also know that transgenderism can be used as a tool to accomplish that end. I know that it’s happened before. I know that horrific things have happened to little girls at the hands of transgender people.


This will not happen to the women I care about. I’ll risk my reputation and even my arrest to see it doesn’t. As a man, part of my purpose is the protection of those I care about. I haven’t forgotten that charge even if you have.

Now we come to the meat of the video. The threat of deadly violence.

Again, I don’t want harm to befall anyone, but if your reaction to me doing what I have to in order to protect the people I care about is to resort to spilling blood, then I have no choice but to accept your terms. We will settle this as the men we are; with violence. You can draw your firearm and I’ll draw mine, and we’ll see who’s standing when the smoke clears.

You will be fighting for your right to intrude into an area that you don’t belong in, and I will be fighting for something far greater than that.

Don’t get it confused. You’re not in the midst of a struggle like the black community had to endure during the civil rights era. They had a right to be treated as equals in the spirit of the United States and its Constitution. More importantly than that, they had that right as fellow children of God.

Your claim is that you have the right to be treated as a woman. You don’t have that right. You don’t have a right to their activities, or their respective spaces. You don’t have a claim to their mantle. You were not born a woman and thus never earned being a woman.


You are a man, and you just challenged another man to deadly combat over the safety of the women he cares about. You will be treated like a man when the challenge is answered.

But you won’t die like one.

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