Curious How the Department of Justice and FBI Are Trying to Bolster the Failing January 6 Commission, Isn't It?

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When the clownish January 6 Committee kicked off operations, its mission was laughably transparent. The intent was to falsely label a demonstration at the US Capitol as an “insurrection.” With that at the springboard, the committee, in best Stalinist style, would link individual Republican members to the insurrection, and they would be able to keep Donald Trump on the ballot in November 2022 to run against him.


So far, the plan isn’t working out all that well. Two Republican members of Congress who the lunatic left tried to get kicked off the ballot under a bizarre interpretation of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment survived the storm of stupid powering that effort (see Madison Cawthorn and Marjorie Taylor Greene Are Not “Insurrectionists” and Progressive Lunatics Can’t Keep Them off the Ballot). The January 6 goobers then slandered GA Republican Barry Loudermilk, claiming he’d guided an insurrectionist reconnaissance party through the Capitol in advance of the demonstration. That story blew up when the US Capitol Police, no less, laughed at it; see January 6th Committee Has a Laughable New ‘Bombshell,’ Lefties Promptly Run With Disinformation, and J6 Committee Gets Busted Trying to Spread a Whopper.

The “must-see” television event turned out to be a ratings flop with every demographic except nursing home residents (How Bad Is It When Even Democrats Are Calling Your Big January 6 Hearing a ‘Flop?’). Polls indicate that January 6 is a non-issue with just about everyone other than Beltway journalists (New Poll and Congressional Dems Sweep the Leg out From Under J6 Committee).

So how do the Democrats rescue this fiasco and keep it going until November?


If I thought that the Department of Justice was a hyper-partisan hive of progressive Democrats willing to use the coercive power of the administrative state to meddle in a federal election by creating facts, I’d be suspicious. If I thought the FBI was a thoroughly corrupt Democrat Gestapo happy to frame political figures for crimes and even eavesdrop on the conversations of a president-elect, I’d be concerned. But since I don’t believe either of those things, just let me toss this out here.

In the past few weeks, the FBI has been carrying out some very high visibility operations tied to the January 6 dumbfu**ery. It started out with the FBI arresting one of the GOP primary gubernatorial candidates in Michigan. The charges against Ryan Kelley are all misdemeanors and include such notorious offenses as gesturing, filming protestors, and helping a protestor to his feet. This is Third World stuff. Really, it is stuff that would shame a Third World autocrat, but our DOJ and FBI are on the job 24/7 to show that they don’t care about appearances; see FBI Arrests GOP Candidate for Governor of Michigan Over January 6 Misdemeanors and What That Means for 2024. Next, Jeff Clark, a Trump Justice Department official, got the full Roger Stone treatment when an FBI SWAT team arrived in the darkness to execute a search warrant; see Jeff Clark Describes Disgusting Scene to Tucker Carlson After FBI Raids His Home for 2020 Election Wrong-Think. Finally, the state chairman of the Nevada GOP and the Trump Campaign’s director of election day operations for Arizona have had electronic devices seized via subpoenas that seemed to arrive at CNN at the same time the subjects of the investigation received them.


These actions are obviously choreographed with the January 6 Committee because the FBI would have done all of this a year ago if they were real.

My prediction is that we will see these highly publicized subpoenas and search warrants for increasingly prominent GOP politicians cascade as we get closer to November 2022. While there is no evidence of any sort of a “conspiracy” to “overthrow” the government, the Department of Justice and the FBI, working at the behest of their political masters in the House Democrat caucus, will try to create an illusion that GOP politicians at every echelon of government were involved in this nonsense scheme.

The January 6 demonstration has been under investigation for a year and a half. It has shown the federal bureaucracy at its most brutal and that the Democrats are willing to manufacture an alleged “Constitutional crisis” where none existed for political gain. The strategy of making this silly self-licking ice cream cone of a commission the Democrat electoral strategy for 2022 is backfiring. No one cares about January 6 because sane people know that the entire story is bullsh**. No number of bogus FBI raids and subpoenas are going to change that.

What conservative members of Congress, and Senators, and conservative activists need to do, however, is keep track of who handles these search warrants and subpoenas. When the day comes that there is a Republican president, a top priority must be given to driving everyone, no matter what their rank, who touched the paperwork or participated in carrying out these Stasi-like operations from the federal government.



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