How Bad Is It When Even Democrats Are Calling Your Big January 6 Hearing a 'Flop?'

The January 6 hearings aren’t going well. Like a highly anticipated modern film, it isn’t living up to the hype and audiences aren’t exactly showing up in droves to see it.


As my colleague, Nick Arama noted on Wednesday evening, the hearings are getting pushed back due to “new tranches of evidence” which very likely means they have nothing at all. The real reason for pushing it back is to put the hearings a bit closer to midterms when the narrative will be more effective for Democrats.

Right now, the sad truth (at least for Democrats) is that no one cares about the January 6 trials.

They don’t care so much, in fact, that even Democrats are openly admitting this a flop so massive that even Hollywood bombs look okay by comparison.

“I have talked with two separate Democratic members of Congress in the last couple of weeks about January 6th…Both of them have said, offhandedly, ‘Nobody gives a bleep about January 6th,’” Politico’s Betsy Woodruff Swan told Chuck Todd on MSNBC.

What Democrats are maybe understanding slowly but surely is that January 6 was always doomed to fail. To be sure, there are a lot of Democrats who watch for updates about the hearing to finally have their biases confirmed and get told that both former President Donald Trump and Republicans, in general, are as evil and seditious as they always knew they were.


But this is a dwindling crowd and by the time July rolls around, this crowd will be even smaller and isn’t likely to grow, and not just because the evidence against Trump will still be lacking.

January 6 is failing to get traction because it’s hard to focus on pretend issues when real issues are consistently smacking Americans in the face every day. It’s hard to care about unproven claims about a guy when your price at the pump has doubled or even tripled. It’s hard to care about an “insurrection” that wasn’t an insurrection when you can’t find baby formula for your newborn. It’s hard to be distracted by Democrats at all when the moment you get your paycheck, it’s gone because everything from your electricity to your grocery bills has gone up.

In fact, it just looks irresponsible to be focusing so much on a man who’s been out of office for a while now when Americans are losing so much thanks to an economy that Democrats in power are doing little to nothing about. By July, the economy is likely to be even worse, making these hearings look all the more ridiculous.

The fact is, January 6 was always an attempt at distracting voters and rallying a base. They’ve attempted it over and over again with various other issues from the leaked Roe v  Wade opinion to the Uvalde shooting. Every single time they attempted to use an issue to garner support, the economy has always brought things back to the dinner table for voters.


The bottom line is that Democrats have nothing on Trump and they know they have nothing. They also know they have no solutions for the economy because enacting actual solutions would mean going back on all of their promises and angering their base. All in all, the Democrats have nothing at all.

No distractions. No solutions. No hope.


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