Joe Biden's Illegal Vaccine Mandate Takes Another Beating in Federal Court, but Does It Really Matter?

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A federal judge has imposed a nationwide injunction of Joe Biden’s patently illegal executive order requiring federal contractors to impose a vaccine mandate upon their employees.


Back on September 9, Joey Soft Serve announced that all employees of federal contractors would have to receive the Wuhan shot; the Office of Management and Budget subsequently set a deadline of January 28

The order was problematic from the beginning as it entailed a unilateral modification of contract terms of all federal contracts. Contract modifications that impact contractor costs and staffing are subject to negotiations. Contract mods that call into question the ability of some contractors to complete their contracts definitely can’t be imposed by the government. That was becoming the case, as major federal contractors like Huntington Ingalls Industries, the major U.S. Navy shipbuilding company, suspended the vaccine mandate on its own authority. Raytheon and General Electric have warned of losing “several thousand” employees, should that unconscionable mandate be enforced. Employees staged protests and walkouts at other companies in response to the mandate.

On October 29, Georgia, Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah, and West Virginia filed a request for an injunction. They argued that no matter the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of a vaccine that lets vaccinated people become infected and spread the virus, that Biden did not have the authority to issue his order. You can read the ruling below.


Federal Contractors 2021-12-07 Order on Scribd

This ruling follows a judge in Kentucky who issued an injunction of the mandate within Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee and another ruling in Missouri (MO Atty Gen Eric Schmitt Announces Court Stay on the Vaccine Mandate Affecting Healthcare Workers). Other suits are pending by ArizonaFloridaTexas, and Oklahoma, and it seems a safe bet that these cases will fall the same way as the previous ones.

It isn’t just district court judges that are ruling against the mandate. Both the Fifth and Sixth Circuits have upheld injunctions, and the Fifth Circuit has accused the White House of acting in bad faith in how it is imposing the mandate.

However, as I’ve noted previously, none of this constitutes a victory unless two basic facts change. First of all, corporations must be forbidden from requiring any medical treatment or therapies by their employees. We all stood idly by when companies banned smoking and imposed “wellness” programs on their employees; now, we are reaping the fruits of our inaction.

Corporations are the prime and the willing enforcers of this Mengele-ian regulation. They must be disabused of the notion that their employees are their property (see OSHA’s Suspension of Implementation and Enforcement of the Vaccine Mandate Means Nothing Unless Corporations Also Stop). To that end, we must, when able, take action to fine and sue corporations out of existence if they impose any medical requirement on anyone. Secondly, so long as we are ruled by the lawless and unethical bunch in the White House, mere court injunctions are irrelevant (see The Fifth Circuit Slapping Down Biden’s Illegal Vaccine Mandate Is Meaningless in the Face of a Lawless Presidency).


Tellingly, Biden has publicly instructed companies to ignore court orders and use their own authority to enforce a vaccine mandate. This is a unique occurrence in American history. It’s like Korematsu had been decided differently, and Roosevelt told state police forces to ignore the Supreme Court and continue rounding up and interning Japanese-Americans. All that can stop Biden from acting this way is a Congress willing to stop him until we can put an elected president in the White House. That, alone, makes voting a moral imperative in November 2022.


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