If You Think Afghanistan Is a Disaster You're Missing the Big Picture. Get Ready to Be Told It Is the New Berlin Airlift

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While most of the world looks on in horror at the epic incompetence of Joe Biden and his sycophants in creating and carrying out a once-in-a-generation tragedy in Kabul, the foundation is being laid to convert this goat-rope into a major Biden political success.


The first hint that that came to my attention was from Politico’s Alex Thompson. He observes that White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain retweeted a comment from a Twitter user with 257 followers.

It doesn’t follow that Klain is sifting through comments of rando Twitter users. Cawley, though, is a former IBM executive whose portfolio included corporate strategy.

About the same time, Cawley was tweeting this to Klain; he was also “teeing up” the same comment to others.


Then we have Democrat fangirl Lawrence O’Donnell parroting a similar take.

This is from the head of a nonprofit that focuses on turning out young voters for Democrats.

The White House is putting it out.

And by Congresswomen.


This is from the CEO of Google/Alphabet’s autonomous automobile spinoff.

In President (so-called) Biden’s “news conference” today, he, for the first time, started touting numbers of persons airlifted out of Afghanistan. The numbers sound impressive until you realize that he’s ignoring months of inaction.

As of this afternoon, we’ve helped evacuate 70,700 people just since August the 14th, 75,900 people since the end of July. Just in the past 12 hours, other 19 U.S Military flights, 18 C17s and one C130 carrying approximately 6,400 evacuees, and 31 coalition flights carrying 5,600 people have left Kabul just in the last 12 hours. A total of 50 more flights, 12,000 more people, since we updated you this morning.

It is tempting to think that America is on the cusp of finally realizing what an inept and imbecilic cretin Joe Biden is. Please don’t count on it. As soon as the last plane lifts off on August 31, you are going to see a blackout on what happens to the people we left behind. You won’t hear stories of abandoned Americans or Afghans who loyally supported us and were left behind. The media will suddenly discover that by golly! they were mistaken. That far from being a disaster the destroyed US credibility everywhere for a couple of generations, that this was actually a stroke of genius. By next year Amazon Prime or Netflix will be flogging an “original” production starring a virile Joe Biden completely in charge of events. If Cinemax gets into the game, we’ll probably see a softcore porn scene with Frau Doktor Professor Jill in the Oval Office.


No matter what they say, this is a national disgrace. Americans and friendly Afghans will be left behind. The Taliban controlled access to the airport as well as setting the deadline for finishing the mission. Our troops were not allowed to leave the airport to try to find US citizens and loyal Afghans. This was not the Berlin Airlift. We’ll be damned lucky if it doesn’t turn out to be Dien Bien Phu.




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