Lauren Boebert's Opponent Is a Veterinarian Who Works in Wyoming and Claims Her Hospital Is Filled With COVID Patients

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A couple of days ago, I posted on how Twitter has weaponized its “community standards” to shut down any form of resistance to the narrative put out by the Biden bunch and will permit all forms of falsehoods so long as those lies and falsehoods support Biden, the Democrat party, and the media narrative.


Case in point, a clown named Eric Feigl-Ding, who has a huge Twitter following, tweeted out this TikTok video of what appears to be a near relative of the banjo player in Deliverance reciting made up “facts” about the impact the so-called Delta variant of the Wuhan virus has had on Arkansas hospitals.

Nothing this woman says is true. Arkansas’s ICU usage is essentially normal. Yet, Twitter allows it to be spread without restriction, even though it is deliberately sowing panic because this twit has to know she is lying, because the Biden bunch want panic to stampede the country back into lockdown and face diapers. See my whole post, Twitter Allows Wuhan Virus Information to Circulate So Long As It Supports Panic and the Regime’s Narrative.

This particular lie is not unusual. There is a whole genre of “my hospital is full” stories. Sometimes the result can be hilarious.


Take, for instance, the case of progressive Democrat and, as we will see, liar Debby Burnett who is running against conservative Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s Third Congressional District. Burnett says she is running for Congress “to defeat the seditionist Lauren Boebert in 2022.” So I guess we can add nutter to the bill of particulars.

Keep in mind that despite the scrubs and crazy eyes, Burnett is a veterinarian. She also claims to be a part-time physical therapist at Cheyenne (WY) Regional Medical Center, explaining the physical therapy table and dumbells.

As they say, let’s go to the video.

Currently, Colorado is not experiencing a surge in ICU usage. In fact, the ICU occupancy rate is at or a little below normal.

Colorado has reported having 1,346 staffed adult ICU beds. 790 are filled by non-COVID patients and 102 are filled by COVID patients. Overall, 892 out of 1,346 (66%) are filled.


Colorado’s Third District’s major population center is Grand Junction.  It is reporting ICU usage at normal levels.

Grand Junction metro area has reported having 38 staffed adult ICU beds. 19 are filled by non-COVID patients and 5 are filled by COVID patients. Overall, 24 out of 38 (65%) are filled.

That’s right. Five Wuhan virus patients are in the ICU. Five.

In terms of vaccination rates, Third District vaccination rates seem to be about the same as the rest of the state, and one of the two Colorado counties with the highest vaccination rate, over 70%, is in that district. (See the map widget here).

But, in the spirit of charity, let’s assume that Burnett is just misoriented and thinks the hospital where she’s a part-time physical therapist is in Colorado and not Wyoming. I mean, that’s a mistake just about any Democrat could make. So what do things look like there?

Cheyenne metro area has reported having 25 staffed adult ICU beds. 1 are filled by non-COVID patients and 12 are filled by COVID patients. Overall, 13 out of 25 (55%) are filled.

The ICU capacity in Cheyenne is significantly below the norm. It does, however, have an out-of-proportion number of Wuhan patients (or, more likely, someone transposed the categories).


Let’s review the bidding.

Lauren Boebert’s Democrat opponent is not a medical doctor and does not work on a Wuhan ward or ICU. She is a veterinarian who is a part-time physical therapist. She doesn’t work in a hospital in Colorado, so no matter what is happening in “her hospital,” it has nothing to do with Colorado. Colorado’s ICU situation is at or below normal. The vaccination rate in Third District is on par with the rest of the state, and one of the two highest vaccination rates in Colorado is in Third District.

Literally, nothing Burnett claimed is true. And yet, it is allowed to circulate as though it has some relationship to the facts on the ground.


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