Twitter Allows Wuhan Virus Information to Circulate So Long As It Supports Panic and the Regime's Narrative

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As Twitter completed its transition from social media platform-to-insufferable nanny-to-agent of the regime, it published a policy on “COVID-19 (more accurately known as Wuhan virus) misleading information policy:


You may not use Twitter’s services to share false or misleading information about COVID-19 which may lead to harm. 

Even as scientific understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop, we’ve observed the emergence of persistent conspiracy theories, alarmist rhetoric unfounded in research or credible reporting, and a wide range of unsubstantiated rumors, which left uncontextualized can prevent the public from making informed decisions regarding their health, and puts individuals, families and communities at risk.

Content that is demonstrably false or misleading and may lead to significant risk of harm (such as increased exposure to the virus, or adverse effects on public health systems) may not be shared on Twitter. This includes sharing content that may mislead people about the nature of the COVID-19 virus; the efficacy and/or safety of preventative measures, treatments, or other precautions to mitigate or treat the disease; official regulations, restrictions, or exemptions pertaining to health advisories; or the prevalence of the virus or risk of infection or death associated with COVID-19. In addition, we may label Tweets which share misleading information about COVID-19 to reduce their spread and provide additional context.

This has quickly mutated into a policy that shuts down any discussion of the falsity of claims on any number of Wuhan virus topics that contradict the current conventional wisdom. As we’ve seen over the past month, that conventional wisdom is a rapidly moving target.


The policy does not affect cases where notorious panic-mongers are spreading fake information about events in order to create more confusion and panic. Take, for instance, omnipresent Twitter doctor Eric Feigl-Ding. He is a nutritionist who dropped out of medical school but likes to fling “doctor” around just like Jill Biden does.

The noxious critter in the TikTok video makes the following claims:

There are no ICU beds in Arkansas “and many of the surrounding states.”

Hospitals are at critical mass filled with COVID.

People are dying needlessly of heart attacks, etc. because there are no ICU beds.

Fortunately, this kind of nonsense is easy to debunk. Considering the universe of “Arkansas and many of the surrounding states,” let’s go for actual data.


Arkansas has reported having 1,010 staffed adult ICU beds. 453 are filled by non-COVID patients and 278 are filled by COVID patients. Overall, 731 out of 1,010 (72%) are filled.


By way of comparison, the usual occupancy rate for ICU beds is around 70%.

Surrounding states

  • Missouri

Missouri has reported having 1,849 staffed adult ICU beds. 1,095 are filled by non-COVID patients and 501 are filled by COVID patients. Overall, 1,596 out of 1,849 (86%) are filled.

  • Kansas

Kansas has reported having 869 staffed adult ICU beds. 527 are filled by non-COVID patients and 117 are filled by COVID patients. Overall, 644 out of 869 (74%) are filled.

  • Oklahoma

Oklahoma has reported having 991 staffed adult ICU beds. 612 are filled by non-COVID patients and 173 are filled by COVID patients. Overall, 785 out of 991 (79%) are filled.

  • Texas

Texas has reported having 6,931 staffed adult ICU beds. 4,892 are filled by non-COVID patients and 1,188 are filled by COVID patients. Overall, 6,080 out of 6,931 (88%) are filled.

  • Louisiana

Louisiana has reported having 1,847 staffed adult ICU beds. 1,034 are filled by non-COVID patients and 262 are filled by COVID patients. Overall, 1,296 out of 1,847 (70%) are filled.

  • Mississippi

Mississippi has reported having 738 staffed adult ICU beds. 444 are filled by non-COVID patients and 129 are filled by COVID patients. Overall, 573 out of 738 (78%) are filled.

  • Tennessee

Tennessee has reported having 2,406 staffed adult ICU beds. 1,449 are filled by non-COVID patients and 203 are filled by COVID patients. Overall, 1,652 out of 2,406 (69%) are filled.


So, Arkansas does have ICU beds available, as do 100% of “surrounding states.” In fact, Arkansas’ ICU utilization rate is barely above normal. Two states, Missouri and Texas, have a limited buffer in ICU capacity. So the video is a lie…not really all that shocking because lying medical personnel lying about Wuhan virus has become something of an art form, edging out medical personnel dancing to catchy tunes while wearing hospital scrubs and ignoring patients in popularity.

This is the kind of misinformation Twitter should be shutting down if it were actually concerned about bogus information being passed around and not working as a regime enforcer.


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