Department of Justice Fires Warning Shot at Ballot Audits as the First Step in Its Campaign to Keep Democrats in Control of Congress

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With high profile audits of votes from the 2020 election are underway in Arizona and Georgia, what seems to be a spooked as well as woke US Department of Justice has sent a second sternly-worded memo to the states warning them that any attempt actually to verify the votes cast in 2020 carries the potential risk of violating the Civil Right Act. This is from BuzzFeed News so take its accuracy for what it’s worth…did I ever tell you about the time I got suspended from Twitter for telling some corpulent dork who’d just been laid off from that august outlet to “learn to code?”


The Justice Department on Wednesday issued a second warning to states considering their own so-called audits of the 2020 election, highlighting federal laws that those efforts may violate.

According to the new guidance, DOJ is “concerned that some jurisdictions conducting [audits] may be using, or proposing to use, procedures that risk violating the Civil Rights Act,” which requires that elections officials retain and preserve federal election materials for 22 months after an election.

While the guidance doesn’t specifically reference Arizona in that section, the Justice Department had previously raised concerns in a May letter that the state’s Republican-led Senate was at risk of violating the act with its audit. The state Senate had subpoenaed 2.1 million ballots from Maricopa County, the state’s largest, and handed them over to an outside contractor called Cyber Ninjas, whose CEO has promoted election conspiracy theories, to look into former president Donald Trump and his supporters’ baseless accusations of widespread voter fraud. That audit is ongoing.

Department of Justice Audit Guidance

The hook the DOJ is using to stick its nose into what is an inherently and exclusive state function; the idea that auditing the results of a completed and certified election could trammel the civil rights of anyone, even someone who may have stolen an election, is just nonsense. At the same time, there is absolutely no doubt that the Gestapo waiting in the wings at Justice would leap at the chance, like flying monkeys from a castle wall, to harass and intimidate state officials trying to uphold state election law which the current regime finds inconvenient.


Why is the DOJ attempting to stretch the law in this manner? Why do they even care about the results of an audit which, worst casing it for the Democrats, can’t change anything?

This is my assessment.

2022 is a must-win year for the Democrats. If they lose either the House or the Senate, then Joe Biden’s catchfarts lose all power to impose the changes they wish to impose upon the nation. If they lose Congress altogether, then Biden and his appointees had better lawyer up. Electorally, 2022 would be a tough year under any circumstances. If Pro-Trump districts in 2020 just elect a GOP representative, the House flips. We only need a net gain of one to retake the Senate. Into this mix we have a crisis on the border, the health care bureaucracy pleasuring itself by reading Mao’s Little Red Book at night, critical race theory is being foisted upon school kids and unwilling employees at the behest of this bunch of cretins, inflation is preparing to go into low-earth orbit, the Chinese are doing whatever the hell they want to do, unemployment looks to be the new normal, and all Joe Biden can do is mumble about his butt being wiped (I don’t care what the failed journalism students at Snopes say, I love this story). Absolutely no one in either party believes Joe Biden is mentally competent to hold office. No one in either party thinks Kamala Harris is capable of being president.

There is a strong feeling across the nation that Joe Biden did not win but rather cheated his way into the White House by a massive influx of ballots of dubious authenticity injected into the system by partisan judges rewriting existing laws in favor of new “COVID voting rules.” This has inspired at least 17 states to pass new laws designed to curb abuses of mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, counting votes after election day, and all manner of other Third World bullsh** created by the courts out of whole cloth.


All that is needed is a showing of fraud in any of the audits underway to sink the Democrat falsehood that voting fraud is rare. (My personal view is that it is systemic and endemic in some jurisdictions.) If that happens, you will see more states enact laws to foil vote fraud. The GOP controls the statehouse and legislature in 24 states. In some other states, like Michigan, it has enough legislative clout to override the veto of a Democrat governor.

If that happens, the Democrats see Armageddon. This from Politico:

After Georgia Republicans passed a restrictive voting law in March, Democrats here began doing the math.

The state’s new voter I.D. requirement for mail-in ballots could affect the more than 270,000 Georgians lacking identification. The provision cutting the number of ballot drop boxes could affect hundreds of thousands of voters who cast absentee ballots that way in 2020 — and that’s just in the populous Atlanta suburbs alone.

It didn’t take long before the implications became clear to party officials and voting rights activists. In a state that Joe Biden carried by fewer than 12,000 votes last year, the new law stood to wipe out many of the party’s hard-fought gains — and put them at a decisive disadvantage.

Democrats in other states where similarly restrictive voting laws have passed are coming to the same conclusion. Interviews with more than three dozen Democratic elected officials, party operatives and voting rights activists across the country reveal growing concern — bordering on alarm — about the potential impact in 2022 of the raft of new laws passed by Republican legislatures, particularly in some of the nation’s most competitive battleground states.

“If there isn’t a way for us to repeat what happened in November 2020, we’re f—ed,” said Nsé Ufot, CEO of the Stacey Abrams-founded New Georgia Project.


“What happened in November 2020,” of course, is widespread and flagrant vote fraud at every step of the process.

Department of Justice is signaling that they intend to be the DNC’s Sturmabteilung for the 2020 election. They are going to try to intimidate anyone looking into vote fraud under some specious Civil Rights claim. You can bet they will be in court in large numbers during redistricting. We can expect them to virtually camp out in any battleground state in 2022. This is good in a way. This bunch of goons is raising their heads to try to preserve the current regime. President Trump’s experience showed just how real the “Deep State” is and the lengths to which it will go to preserve Democrat power. If we elect a Republican in 2024, and I think that is a better than 50-50 proposition, then he needs to arrive forewarned and use whatever tools that are available to quickly neuter or dismiss anyone associated with this noxious warning letter and the actions that will arise from it.


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