Chris Christie Says He's Open to a 2024 Run and Will Fight Donald Trump for the Nomination if Need Be

Chris Christie Says He's Open to a 2024 Run and Will Fight Donald Trump for the Nomination if Need Be
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Barring some kind of deus ex machina that would be more at home in a straight-to-video thriller than in the political life of the United States, on January 20 a demented Joe Biden will be juiced by his handlers and shuffled onto stage to be inaugurated as 46th president of the United States.

No one really knows what happens next. The incoming Biden regime gives no indication that they will be any more competent at their jobs than Biden can be at his. The stench of fraud hangs heavy over the election. The actions of state agencies, law enforcement agencies, and the courts have all been much more focused on finding ways to push Biden into the White House rather than carry out any semblance of investigation or fact-finding. The credible allegations of fraud and the lack of curiosity by the people who are supposed to guarantee our Constitution all point to a period of political instability, unlike anything the Republic has experienced since, arguably, the era of “mass resistance” to school desegregation. Will the party establishments both realize that this blatant thievery has gone too far and that our voting system is in need of drastic reform? Or will the Democrats dig in and demand even fewer safeguards while the Vichy conservatives mewl about conspiracy theories and shed bitter tears over how uncouth the GOP and conservative base voters are?

Whatever comes to pass, the frontrunner for the GOP nomination in 2024 will be Donald Trump. There is simply no one in our political establishment who can create the excitement he does. No one else can get our real, actual people to vote the way he does. No one else stands a chance of continuing to make substantial inroads with Black and Hispanic voters like him. Not only does he have the name recognition, I really hope he has been stoking the outrage for four years and making it clear at every turn that Joe Biden is not the winner of a fair, free, and transparent election.

Not everyone believes that to be the case.

Former two-term New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he wouldn’t rule out another presidential bid even if his longtime friend President Trump launches a 2024 run to try to return to the White House.

Christie – who ran unsuccessfully for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination before suspending his campaign and endorsing Trump – was asked Monday during a radio interview with conservative host Hugh Hewitt if he’d rule out a run of his own if Trump, who’s already flirting with another White House bid, decides to launch a 2024 campaign.

“I would not. No,” Christie said. “I would not rule it out, Hugh.”

This is the segment:

Apparently, Christie was on the show to pimp his new PSA (was there ever a more self-absorbed act of virtue signaling than going on a media tour to advertise your PSA) on…drumroll…why you should wear a mask.

On Joel Pollack’s show, he opined, “I think he’s hurting himself, and I think he’s hurting the country by keeping it going.”

This is the kind of go-for-the-capillaries attack-Yorkie sensibilities the Vichy GOP has. If Trump believes he was cheated, he sells out the United States Constitution by conceding to a fraudulent election and thereby endorsing fraud as acceptable. He further sells out 70+ million Americans who voted for him and, if he concedes, encourages them to never vote again.

I really don’t know who Chris Christie thinks he’s fooling, other than himself. There is literally no constituency for Christie’s particular brand of Vichy Republicanism in the GOP since Steve Schmidt and some of the other GOP “strategists” at The Lincoln Project and at The Bulwark decided to officially do what they actually did a decade ago, which is change parties. The thing about Christie is that he’s such a douche he can’t even retaliate without looking like a douche. Virtually everyone believes he was behind blocking the bridge exit to Fort Lee, NJ. But rather than be a man about it, he let two aides get federal convictions (later unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court). The idea that he is going to run for president in 2024 is laughable. The idea that he could challenge a President Trump who is itching for a rematch makes one have as many doubts about Christie’s sanity as one has about Biden.

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