Vermont's Republican Governor Urges Kids to Narc on Families About Thanksgiving Activities

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We are in the midst of a full-bore campaign to fearmonger Americans into ceasing the celebration of one of the two great holidays associated with our Founding. Through false information and the hyping of risks by some state governors and functionaries of the federal government, Americans are being cowed into passing up a holiday associated with family reunions. The nation’s official Karen agency, the CDC, has gone so far as far families to keep college students from returning home:


While most of this dumbf***ery is the byproduct of Democrat governors and fascistic bureaucrats, at least one Republican governor looked at the outrageously stupid sh** being done in California, Michigan, New York, and New Jersey and said, “hold my beer.” Spoiler alert, it is not Maryland’s Vichy Republican Larry Hogan (read Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Rips off ‘Moderate’ Mask, Goes Full Metal Dictator in Latest COVID Presser (Watch)).

Come on down, Vermont Governor Phil Scott.

If this sounds familiar, there is a reason.

Turning children into informers against their parents and family members is the hallmark of every totalitarian state of the 20th Century. The Soviet Union went so far as to actually create, in the best traditions of Comrade Ogilvy in the novel “1984,” a fake hero, Pavlik Morozov, who was supposedly killed by his own family for informing on his father. (The real truth is a lot muddier, but the fact that turning your father over to the secret police was held up as a sufficiently laudatory character trait to cause a national hero to be created is the point.)


As I’ve said on more occasions than I can recall, this pandemic fearmongering has nothing to do with your safety.

If the most repressive state governments were even vaguely concerned with your or your loved ones’ health, you would not have seen the slaughter of nursing home patients in New York and Michigan. What is worse is these same wannabe fascists don’t even believe what they are telling you. Let me quote from my post yesterday (see Hilarity Ensues as New Jersey’s Mask Meister Murphy Is Caught Ignoring the Rules He Imposed on Others)on New Jersy mask nazi Phil Murphy getting caught eating in a restaurant with people who were not immediate family members and without a mask:

The one notable thing about this pandemic (so-called) that has kept the nation bunkered in a way that is unique to our history is the fact that it is blatantly obvious that the people who are killing off nursing home residents and destroying lives and businesses don’t actually believe a single word that they are saying. While California is shutting down everything in sight, California Democrats jetted off to Maui for a meeting (read EXPOSED: California Democrats who are in Maui While You’re Locked Down), and Gavin Newsome worried about neither masks nor social distancing as he was swilling wine on someone else’s expense account at an exclusive restaurant (read Who Paid for the (Alleged) $15,000 Wine Bill Gavin Newsom and Friends Racked up at French Laundry?).

There is this from Illinois

Who can forget that Pennsylvania Health Secretary Richard, strike that, I mean Rachel Levine took his own mother out of a nursing home shortly before he gave the order to send Wuhan virus patients into those facilities. Your loved ones didn’t matter, his did.

There is the noxious, bloviating clown who is governor of New York who, after declaring that families must not assemble for Thanksgiving, baldly announced his own plans to travel and celebrate the holiday with his family, read Andrew Cuomo Sets Hypocrisy Meters on Fire With His Thanksgiving Plans.

At least as noxious and fascistic as Andrew Cuomo is New Jersey’s Philip Murphy who, early on, had the state police, or “Staats Polizei” as they were called in another government with the same habits, break up a Jewish funeral. Since then, he has inveighed on the subject of wearing face masks and the evils and dangers of restaurant dining. A few nights ago, some New Jersey citizens, not the Democrat serfs who dominate that sad, benighted, mullet-wearing state, stumbled upon Murphy chowing down in a restaurant, ignoring social distancing, and not wearing a face mask. The results are hilarious but the language is definitely NSFW. Turn down your speakers.


This has everything to do with using a “public health emergency” as a means of voiding Constitutional rights.


Dr. Anthony Fauci Says It Is Time for Americans to Shut the Hell up and Do What Their Betters Tell Them to Do

Anthony Fauci Declares That Christmas May Be Canceled Because He Needs to Control What You Do

It is being used as a wedge to make public assemblies and religious worship legal only with the government’s approval. And it is being used to turn family members against one another.

The interrogation of students about family activities is simply unconscionable. The school system should have nothing to do with anything so corrosive to family life. The voters should give Tovarish Scott his walking papers in the next election. If we’re going to go totalitarian, let’s at least have the Democrats lead the way.


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