Our Election Process Looks at Least as Fraudulent as That of Gabon and Ukraine and There Is No Reason to Trust the Results

Yesterday, my colleague Brandon Morse posted on how, by US State Department standards, the 2020 presidential election would have been classified as rigged.

Going to the State Department’s own website, we can see back in 2004 that our government was monitoring the Ukrainian elections and, after witnessing events that took place there, qualified the election as “rigged.” Why? Because Ukraine experienced a wave of oddities that mirror exactly what happened during the 2020 election here in America. Rion highlights the relevant part with a screenshot.

“Bottom Line: According to our own State Dept’s assessment of corrupt foreign elections, the 2020 US elections do not meet its own standards,” tweeted Rion.

Going to the State Department’s website we can see for ourselves that the Ukrainian elections were rife with suspicious activity including illegal use of absentee ballots, poll watchers being ejected, unrealistic voter turnouts, and more:

  • Illegal Use of Absentee Ballots: According to the respected NGO “Committee of Voters of Ukraine” (CVU), massive electoral fraud was committed through the illegal use of absentee voter certificates. For example, people were caught in Dnipropetrovsk and Sumy oblasts with their pockets stuffed with blank absentee ballots that they were using to vote at multiple polling stations.
  • Opposition Observers Ejected: Observers from Our Ukraine and other opposition groups were expelled from most polling stations in eastern Ukraine on Election Day. For example, in Territorial Election Commission (TEC) district number 42 in Donetsk oblast, Our Ukraine observers were kicked out of all but a few polling stations.
  • North Korean-Style Turnout in the East: Turnout in the pro-Yanukovych eastern oblasts was unnaturally high. In several electoral districts, turnout for the run-off round increased by 30 to 40 percent over the first round. In Luhansk oblast, the reported turnout rate hit nearly 96 percent — a number that, to quote the OSCE, even Stalinist North Korea would envy. A similar turnout rate was reported in Donetsk oblast, where 98 percent of the votes went to hometown candidate Prime Minister Yanukovych.
  • Mobile Ballot Box Fraud: In the second round of the election, the number of voters who supposedly cast ballots at home using mobile ballot boxes was double that of the first round. Much of this voting occurred without observers being present and was massively fraudulent. In Mykolayiv oblast, for example, nearly 35 percent of the oblast’s voters purportedly cast their ballots “at home.”
  • Computer Data Allegedly Altered To Favor Yanukovych: There were credible reports showing that that Yanukovych supporters gained illegal access to the Central Election Commission’s computer system and illegally altered vote tabulation data being transmitted by TECs to the CEC.
  • Reports of Opposition Fraud: Yanykovych’s supporters allege that Yushchenko’s supporters stuffed ballot boxes in western Ukraine. But the reports and evidence of pro-Yanukovych fraud greatly outweighed those indicated for Yushchenko.

Honestly, you could change out various locations and names in this list of oddities and it would mirror the most recent American election exactly.

So, according to our own government, our 2020 election would qualify as “rigged” without a shadow of a doubt. RedState has covered the unbelievable amount of suspicious activity from unrealistically high turnout, poll watchers being barred from monitoring the process, and the high likelihood of abuse with mail-in voting.

Read the whole post here Yikes! State Department Precedent Qualifies This 2020 Election as “Rigged”



But, if our State Department’s judgment isn’t dispositive, and I wouldn’t fault anyone for declaring that State can barely tell its own butt from a hot rock, then we can see what the BBC has to say on the subject of detecting corrupt elections.

Four years ago, Gabon had an election that was widely considered to be fraudulent. The BBC did an article called Vote rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signs in which an experience elections observer laid out the signs of election fraud. Here they are

  • Too many voters
  • A high turnout in specific areas
  • Large numbers of invalid votes
  • More votes than ballot papers issued
  • Results that don’t match
  • Delay in announcing results

Any of this sound familiar? Turn out approaching 90%? More votes than registered voters? Votes suddenly turning up? Long delays in tabulating votes?

Multiple investigations and court challenges are now underway across the nation to try, I think hopelessly, to rectify the results of an election where the Democrats used blatant, in-your-face fraud as a way of demonstrating their political power (read This Isn’t Just the Theft of an Election, This Is a Message to All of Us). The very fact that the entire process in the contested states would serve as a case study on election fraud should give us pause.


We are now Ukraine and Gabon. A large number of Americans no longer trust the results of elections because there is absolutely no reason for them to do so.


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