Pennsylvania Court Allows Trump Team to Monitor Ballot Counters in Philadelphia

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President Trump’s campaign scored a legal victory in its bid to ensure that the presidential election is fair. In Pennsylvania, a state that Trump needs to have a chance of winning, his team was prohibited from viewing the ballot counting process. But a recent ruling has ensured that they will have access. 


NBC Montana reported that “a Pennsylvania appellate court granted the Trump campaign the right to observe ballot counters in Philadelphia after campaign officials said they were prevented from overseeing the process.”

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Trump campaign adviser Corey Lewandowski announced the court’s decision in Philadelphia where the Trump team had 15 election observers waiting to enter the ballot-counting facility. 

“This is very important because, as you know, they have kept us away,” Bondi said. Before the decision, Trump campaign officials accused the individuals responsible for counting ballots denied them the opportunity to observe the counting process. They used barricades and security officers to keep them from entering the room where the votes were being tallied. 

The court order allows the Trump team’s observers to immediately start watching election workers count votes while standing six feet away to comply with public health rules. Lewandowski said that campaign officials will have one person behind each vote-counter. It is expected that Democrats will try to appeal the ruling because of course they will. 

Jason Miller, another Trump campaign adviser, told reporters during a press call that the campaign is expecting to take more legal action to make sure that its officials can look at all the votes that were counted before the Thursday ruling. He affirmed that the campaign was “very confident that we will be winning Pennsylvania.” 


The lawsuit resulted in a temporary hiatus in vote-counting in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf whined about the legal actions, calling them “planned attacks on our election” and urged the state to “reject efforts to intimidate election workers and prevent votes from being counted.” 

This lawsuit was one of several that the Trump campaign is filing to prevent Democrats from cheating to win the election. The team has filed suits in Nevada, Georgia, and Michigan and is also seeking a recount in Wisconsin. 

Both campaigns are now locked in legal battles to determine the outcome of the election. The fact that the race was so close, especially in battleground states, made this lawfare unavoidable. However, it is not yet certain whether or not these lawsuits will ensure that Trump is re-elected, and at this point, it appears that the nation might not know the actual outcome for at least a week. 


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