California City Manager Excuses the Shootings of Two Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies

California City Manager Excuses the Shootings of Two Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department via AP

A couple of days ago, two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies were the victims of an attempted execution. The video shows them sitting in their patrol cruiser as someone walks up to the passenger’s side window and opens fire. When they were evacuated to a hospital, BLM thugs tried to enter the hospital and chanted, “we hope they die.” These are the people that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would try to convince you represent the moral center of America. (See Despicable Video From Los Angeles: BLM Blocks Entrances to Hospitals While Celebrating Shooting of Two LA Deputy Sheriffs and Two LA County Sheriff’s Deputies Ambushed While Sitting in Patrol Car; ‘Fighting for Their Lives.’)

Here you can see the female deputy, who has been shot twice in the jaw, putting a tourniquet on her partner’s arm.

Yesterday, in my post titled Joe Biden Tries to Have It Both Ways on Anti-Police Violence, I said:

What Biden attempted to do in the more extensive statement is conflate a cold-blooded attempt to execute two police officers who were sitting in their cruiser with a sheriff’s deputy in Henderson County, NC, getting killed while intervening in a felony. The reason for that is simple, the man who killed Hendrix was white, the Compton shooter, not so much. Note also that the Biden campaign did not give a fat rat’s ass about Deputy Hendrix’s shooting until it was convenient to package it with another police shooting.

This attack was a logical and foreseeable consequence of the statements and actions and rhetoric of Democrat-elected officials across the nation stoking hatred of police and coddling the people who carry out attacks on police. And those attacks and the anti-police violence is a feature of the Biden campaign. Several Biden staffers have donated money to the fund that bails out violent rioters, particularly those who have assaulted police officers in Portland and Seattle. Kamala Harris has encouraged people to donate to that fund.

This lame, tepid, bloodless statement is simply an attempt by the Biden campaign at damage control. They issued it because they had to, not because they wanted to or even because they particularly objected to the Compton shootings.

Today we have another example of this on display. The city manager of Lynwood, CA, which abuts Compton, a guy named Jose Ometeotl, posted on the shooting on his personal Instagram account:

In case you missed the link between the imagery and the text, the picture is Malcolm X, the guy who popularized the phrase “by any means necessary.”

Once you say the shootings were to be expected because of the behavior of the LASD and the LA County Sheriff, you’ve sort of stopped expressing sympathy for the deputies, and you’re well along the way to declaring that they needed killing. This is the “no one deserves to be raped, but damn, when you wear a skirt that short you have to expect it will happen” gambit.

Ometeotl is right about one thing. This shooting happened because of the way that an extremely small number of shootings by police have been exaggerated for political purposes by the Democrats and monetary purposes by BLM. Even cases where the person shot definitely had it coming, here I’m talking about Rayshard Brooks (Atlanta, GA), Jacob Blake (Kenosha, WI), and Ricardo Munoz (Lancaster, PA), those shootings were wildly mischaracterized by activists, by elected Democrat politicians, and by their fellow-travelers in the media. Even though their names have been wiped from the BLM Pantheon, the contributed to the myth that black men are shot in large numbers by police when, in fact, police shootings are a relatively rare event. Elected Democrats and activists and grifters have created an environment where shooting police officers is not seen as an offense against society, but rather a laudable act and one that is not only understandable but entirely justified.

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