Colorado's Wuhan Death Rate Drops by Almost 25% as the State Weeds out Bogus Deaths

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As Ronald Reagan famously said, if you want more of something, subsidize it; if you want less of something, tax it. We’ve seen this maxim play out in spades during this Wuhan virus crisis. With cash money being linked to testing and to deaths from the virus, we’ve seen states struggle to up their testing numbers and brazenly juicing the deaths attributed to Wuhan. A few days ago, I posted on this phenomenon in Some States May Be Juicing Their Wuhan Virus Deaths for Fun and Profit.

A month ago, public health apparatchiks in New York decided that nowhere near enough people were dying from Wuhan virus so they arbitrarily dumped into the dead-by-Wuhan category some 3,700 previous deaths that might have possibly, under the right circumstances and when viewed in the proper lighting conditions, be somewhat attributable to Wuhan virus in some way [see New York City Arbitrarily Declares 3,700 New Wuhan Virus Deaths That May Have Zero Connection to the Pandemic]. Since then, the CDC has basically baked the ‘by-guess-by-God’ method into Wuhan death reporting by sanctioning the attribution of deaths to Wuhan based on zero empirical evidence.

You can see this is in the data which shows that either some states have a health care system what would compare unfavorably to the Third World sh** hole of your choice or they are lying through their teeth about the number of Wuhan deaths. These are states ranked by deaths per 1 million population


CREDIT: Worldinfo Coronavirus page as of 5-17-2020

There is no way possible that New York has a death rate over 14 times that of the median state death rate. It simply can’t happen unless Ted Bundy, Dexter Morgan, and Josef Mengele have teamed up with Andrew Cuomo to run that state’s Wuhan response (this is not all that farfetched, I have to admit, given Cuomo’s order that deliberately introduced Wuhan virus into nursing homes).

In that story, you can see that Chicago, for instance, is attributing any death by a person who may have a Wuhan infection to Wuhan, so a guy who dies from a heroin overdose and who, post mortem, is discovered to have the virus is considered as having died from the disease.

We probably hit max idiocy in Colorado a couple of days ago when  a guy who literally drank himself to death, he had a BAC of 0.55 (the technical term for this amount of alcohol in your body is ’embalmed’) but, because he was found to have Wuhan during an autopsy was logged in as a death to Wuhan.

When police in Cortez, Colorado were called to Cortez City Park early on the morning of May 4, they found Sebastian Yellow, 35, lying on the ground and called it out as a code “Frank,” meaning Yellow had died, according to a police report obtained by CBS4.

Within a week, local Montezuma County Coroner George Deavers determined Yellow had died of acute alcohol poisoning, his blood alcohol measured at .55, nearly twice the lethal limit.

“It was almost double what the minimum lethal amount was in the state”, said Deavers, during an interview with CBS4. [editor’s note: this is strange phraseology, do different states have different lethal levels for alcohol, would, for instance, Mr. Yellow be resurrected it he were transported to a state that had a minimum level of 0.60]

But Deavers said that before he even signed the death certificate, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment had already categorized Yellow’s death as being due to COVID-19 and it was tabulated that way on the state’s website.

“I can see no reason for this”, said Deavers.

Yellow’s death is the latest in Colorado raising eyebrows over the way the CDPHE is reclassifying deaths that runs contrary to what doctors and coroners initially ruled.


This is not new or unknown in Colorado:

Last month, a CBS4 Investigation revealed the state health department reclassified three deaths at a Centennial nursing home as COVID-19 deaths, despite the fact attending physicians ruled all three were not related to coronavirus.

In each case, the residents had tested positive for COVID-19, but in each case, on-scene doctors ruled the deaths were not related to the virus. Still, in their official tally, the state increased the number of coronavirus deaths at the Someren Glen facility from four to seven, based on the disputed deaths.

Now Colorado, like an alcoholic taking that first step towards recovery, has admitted it has a problem:

Colorado health officials this week implemented a more precise coronavirus data metric to measure deaths from the virus in that state, one that sent confirmed COVID-19 fatalities tumbling by a full 25%.

Public health officials in the state elected to start distinguishing between individuals who died directly from the disease and those who simply died with the virus in their systems. Authorities in that state had faced criticism this week for classifying as a COVID-19 death a man whose blood-alcohol content registered an astronomical .55.

With the new system in place, confirmed coronavirus deaths in Colorado plummeted from 1150 to 878, a drop of almost 25%.

A drop of almost 25% and you can bet that applies anywhere the methodology is changed.


We’re seeing now that the Wuhan virus deaths are no more reliable that the Wuhan death models. In fact, we have created a perfect storm where bizarro world models developed a handful of nutter statisticians were hyped by the media, I feel, to hurt Trump in retaliation for him having the temerity to avoid conviction in his impeachment trial and for , to add insult to injury, seeing an upward bump in his approval ratings. We’ve seen all manner of public health figures shamelessly change their views on issues as varied as virus lethality to the efficacy of face masks in order to follow the media narrative. They, in turn, have stampeded politicians, from President Trump down, into shutting down the economy in order to combat a threat that has been wildly overblown.

From the need for ventilators and ICU beds to the specter of hospitals being overwhelmed, virtually nothing that was claimed to be true about this virus has panned out. Hospitals are laying off workers. Ventilators will be sold for scrap by the end of the year. Now the public health community is confronted with a national disaster that they helped to create and they have reacted by labeling virtually any death as a Wuhan death to build the case that this hysteria was somehow merited. Fortunately, this scam now runs counter to the interests of elected officials trying to reopen their states without being blamed for deaths and there is a good chance it will become a trend, that Wuhan might be the pandemic to experience a decreasing toll of fatalities.



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