VIDEO. Bill deBlasio Attacked Donald Trump In Trump Tower and It Turned Out Much as You Imagine

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New York Mayor Bill deBlasio has officially declared his candidacy for the presidency based on his record of turning New York City into a Third World shit hole and by appealing to that corrupt big city plutocrat voting bloc.


It was all to carefully scripted. There was a rally in the lobby of Trump Tower on Monday and then a Thursday morning appearance on Good Morning America where he would make it official, and then he’d hop the old low-carbon-footprint campaign plane to barnstorm South Carolina and Iowa to convince the yokels that he is the guy who can put a soy latte and gluten-free vegan scones in every kitchen.

Then things started to unravel.

An event designed to capture national attention for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s environmental record turned into a spectacle Monday, days before he’s expected to announce his decision on a White House run.

The news conference, held in the lobby of Trump Tower, was designed to put the president “on notice,” de Blasio said, for the pollution emitted by Trump’s buildings. But the event, moved inside at the last minute due to rain, was more of a circus than a rally. Much of the mayor’s roughly eight-minute speech was drowned out by music played at curiously high volumes in the lobby, protesters shouting, “You suck,” among other profanities, and several people riding the escalators behind the mayor, toting signs that read “Trump 2020” and “Worst Mayor Ever.”

The din was so loud, de Blasio had to leave his lectern and request reporters walk forward just so he could hear their questions.

Monday’s event was meant to tout a City Council bill passed in April, which mandates buildings larger than 25,000 square feet cut their emissions or face fines. Buildings are the leading source of greenhouse gases in the city. The bill, which the mayor has yet to sign, is a symbol of the city’s “Green New Deal” and his intent to go after any landlord, “even the president of the United States,” the mayor said.

That message was somewhat blunted when the mayor was unable to name any other landlords with high-emissions buildings and when it was revealed de Blasio had been driven to the event — a sore spot for a mayor who has been criticized for regularly riding a gas-guzzling SUV to his local gym.


This from the New York Times:

Seven minutes before Mr. de Blasio was to speak, the lobby’s sound speakers suddenly sprung to life. It was Tony Bennett. “Because of You.” “Rags to Riches.” And other gems, all delivered at peak volume.

Even though he had a microphone and a sound system, Mr. de Blasio had to shout to be heard over the music of Mr. Bennett and the hecklers. After a few minutes, he was hoarse and he could barely get out the ritual “few words in Spanish” with which he invariably ends his public statements.

This morning the GMA appearance was also not error-free.

This presidential run by deBlasio is a joke. DeBlasio’s stewardship of New York City has been abysmal and he is widely disliked. He’s boring and pedestrian. His platform is full of used up and worn out leftwing tropes that are being flung about by the 937 Democrat candidates.



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