Democrat Plan to Let Incarcerated Felons Vote Even Shocks CNN

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For reasons that quite escape me, the cause célèbre on the progressive wing of the otherwise socialist Democrat party is allowing incarcerated felons to vote. Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris have all endorsed the idea, though Harris sobered up long enough to walk back her remarks. Sanders, as far as I know, is still sticking by his view that the Boston Marathon bomber should be allowed to vote for Sanders for president. The chief of staff for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the currently unindicted felon Saikat Chakrabarti, equated the right of incarcerated felons to vote with the exercise of Second Amendment rights.

The subject of this political movement came up on Chris Cuomo’s show on CNN.

CUOMO: Top 2020 Democratic hopefuls have been following Bernie Sanders’ lead on many progressive policy stances. But last night, Senator Sanders said that people in prison, even terrorists like the Boston bomber, have the right to vote while they’re in prison. D-Lemon, what’s your take?

LEMON: I was stunned, as you could see. You could see on our faces and the responses. Listen, I’m glad we asked the question, I’m glad you asked the question first to Bernie and then we talked to the other candidates, the subsequent candidates who came on. It’s interesting. I think you were right that it’s going to be a campaign for those who said either “yes, they should be able to vote, even the most awful people among us, or we should have a conversation about it.” I think it’s going to be an issue here.

CUOMO: Senator Kamala Harris said that she has now revised her opinion and saying those who are in prison, “no, they don’t get to vote.”

LEMON: No. Well, last night that’s not what she said. But listen, she can revise her position and change her mind or maybe she just didn’t get it out last night. But I think that is going to be an issue. And I think it’s an interesting subject or question to debate. But I think most people in America feel like once you paid your debt to society, maybe you should have the opportunity to go out and vote, and at least exercise your constitutional rights. But if you’re in prison, if you have committed a crime, like the Boston Marathon bombings, or if you assaulted or abused a child, I don’t think most Americans would want people like that to vote.

CUOMO: You know what it frames? It frames the proposition for voters as these people are way out there in the Democratic party. Whoa, have they gone far left.

Take a moment and contemplate this. On a network that is reflexively far left and an arm of the Democrat party, two of the more leftwing personalities agree that letting people vote in prison is nuts.

Cuomo hints at the danger this spells for the Democrats in 2020. If this is discussed enough, the Democrat nominee, no matter who they are, is going to be saddled with the baggage of this postion by the force of millions of dollars in attack ads.

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