Welcome Mike Ford to RedState

You’ve seen his byline appearing via diary promotions and now Colonel (retired) Mike Ford is on the front page.

Mike is a graduate of the US Military Academy (Class of 1980) and honor grad of the US Army Ranger School. He’s taught PsyOps at the JFC Special Warfare Center. After Mike left the Army he worked in the private sector management (manufacturing) and as a deputy sheriff (sergeant) in Florida. Mike was a reservist during the invasion of Iraq and held a senior active duty command billet mobilizing troops and later served as chief of staff to a theater support command where he says he “fed an entire Theater Army with one case of MREs and carried away 7 Fast Sealift Ships of leftovers.”


The Army is the quintessential big-city-small-town kind of organization. Whenever two Army guys first meet it’s always, a) what’s your MOS, b) where’d you serve, and c) do you know so-and-so. That’s the way it was when Mike and I first met. We’re both infantrymen with many of the same schools. We’ve both commanded line companies, we’ve both done the pilgrimage to Leavenworth and we found we had a lot of mutual friends/acquaintances.

Ominously, he speaks Russian which will probably just validate that we are all Putin’s apologists here.

Mike had been a frequent contributor at American Thinker and decided to make the move over to RedState where he will bring subject matter expertise to some discussions and strongly held opinions on others. Much like me. Often wrong, never in doubt is the way infantrymen roll


Be sure to drop by his articles and comment.



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