BREAKING. Nancy Pelosi Tells President Trump To Take A Long Walk On That Short Pier

A couple of hours ago, President Trump sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi telling her that he accepted her earlier invitation to give his State of the Union address before a Joint Session of Congress next week. He informed her that contrary to the grotesque lies she’d spun, the shutdown had no impact on security and therefore there was no reason to postpone the event. Now Pelosi has responded.


I find it difficult to believe that this has actually settled anything. In fact, it has probably set the stage for even more spectacular theater. Will Pelosi or Trump back down? Probably not. Pelosi is in such a weak position with her caucus that a back down could lead to her playing (figuratively) the role of the Ceaucescus. Trump could back down but that really isn’t his nature.

What happens next?

Does Trump just show up next week? Does the House Sergeant at Arms turn him away? Does he use the House chamber with only Republicans? I have no idea beyond knowing it will probably be well worth writing about.

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