Should Philadelphia's Former Mayor Be Charged as an Accessory in This Child Rape Case?

President Barack Obama, with Rep. Robert Brady, left, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, center, and Rep. Chaka Fattah, right, place their order during a stop at John’s Water Ice in Philadelphia, Pa., June 30, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

President Barack Obama, with Rep. Robert Brady, left, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, center, and Rep. Chaka Fattah, right, place their order during a stop at John’s Water Ice in Philadelphia, Pa., June 30, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


Philadelphia is one of the so-called sanctuary cities in the United States. These are jurisdictions that are striving for the status of “no-go” zones in Sweden and Britain or trying to be French banlieue where the writ of national law does not run. In fact, Philly’s mayor, James Kenney, was so excited when a federal judge upheld his decision to refuse to allow federal immigration law to be enforced in Philadelphia that he did a small, orgasmic jig

The price of his decision and that of his predecessor is now available for all to see and marvel at:

U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain announced that Juan Ramon Vasquez, a citizen of Honduras, pleaded guilty today to illegal reentry after deportation. In May 2009, the defendant was deported from the United States. Thereafter, in March 2014, the defendant was found back in the United States by U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) officers. At that time, Vasquez was in the custody of the Philadelphia Department of Prisons.

The City of Philadelphia thereafter chose not to comply with a detainer lodged by ICE for the defendant, who was instead released from custody by the Philadelphia Department of Prisons. After his release, the defendant was rearrested and convicted for rape of a child and unlawful sexual contact with a minor. The defendant is currently serving a sentence of 8 to 20 years in state prison.

The defendant, having now pleaded guilty to the federal charge of illegal reentry after deportation, faces a maximum possible sentence of two years in federal prison. He is scheduled to be sentenced on November 20, 2018, by the Honorable Nitza I. Quiñones Alejandro.

“The facts of this case highlight the danger posed by the City of Philadelphia’s decision to disregard ICE detainers and release previously deported aliens from local custody,” said U.S. Attorney McSwain. “Those of us in the law enforcement business should be doing everything in our power to protect vulnerable children from predators like Vasquez. Instead, this defendant received a free pass from the City of Philadelphia and its Department of Prisons, headed straight back into our community, and committed a heinous crime he never would have had the chance to commit had the City of Philadelphia complied with the ICE detainer.”

Because of the actions of Philadelphia’s former mayor, the aptly named Michael Nutter, a child was raped. This was 100% avoidable if only the mayor of Philadelphia had decided to obey federal law. Because of the mayor’s malfeasance, a child has suffered trauma that she will carry throughout her life.

In any other endeavor, if you take an action that has foreseeable consequences…like a bartender selling liquor to a drunk customer…and bad stuff happens, you are responsible. The mayor’s actions are little different than that of a bartender who plies drunks with more alcohol while keeping police from the parking lot.

And the situation is getting worse. Philadelphia is ending a data sharing agreement with ICE:

Philadelphia has announced it will end a major information-sharing contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), bowing to intense pressure from activist groups and drawing immediate condemnation from federal officials.

The move means that the city will not renew a decade-long arrangement to share real-time arrest information with ICE when it expires at the end of August.

The information, contained in Philadelphia’s Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System (PARS), alerts authorities when new arrests are made, and includes arrestee’s full names, countries of origin, and Social Security numbers. While PARS does not indicate immigration status, Democrats charged that ICE nevertheless abused the database to investigate potential immigration violations.

In the environment that will exist after the expiration of this agreement, ICE would not have known that Vasquez was in custody. After release from prison, he’d be right back in Philadelphia helping to make it a Third World shithole multi-cultural paradise.

Hopefully, DHS and Department of Justice will get more aggressive about naming and shaming the people who are putting their own residents, both citizens and resident aliens, at risk to fellate the most anti-American part of their base. Hopefully, the administration will eventually prevail in the handful of cases now going forward where judges have ruled that cities are allowed to refuse to cooperate with ICE and still get federal grant money. But, until that time, anyone who lives in a sanctuary jurisdiction is in danger of being the victim of a crime that could have easily been prevented if only elected officials had allowed the law to be enforced.

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