President Trump Endorses Legalized Marijuana

Citing states rights,but, in fact, bowing to an blockade of nominees by Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, this afternoon President Trump endorsed letting states regulate the sale of marijuana. This is a repudiation of Jeff Sessions efforts to move away from the Obama administration’s initiative.


Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardner said that as a result of Trump’s assurances, he’ll end a blockade of Justice Department nominees. Gardner held up the nominees after Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an earlier Justice Department memo that shielded marijuana operations in states like Colorado from enforcement of the federal ban on the drug.

“Since the campaign, President Trump has consistently supported states’ rights to decide for themselves how best to approach marijuana,” Gardner said in a statement Friday. “President Trump has assured me that he will support a federalism-based legislative solution to fix this states’ rights issue once and for all.”

I’m pretty much agnostic on this subject. Public morals isn’t much of a concern anymore and I think that devoting time, energy and money to arresting pot users and dealers is a crappy use of resources. And it will be great for the snack food industry in the bargain.

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