I'm Totally Convinced. I'm Giving Up My Guns And I'm In Favor Of Letting 16-Year-Olds Vote

A spate of educator abetted anti-gun “walk out” protests have been hitting schools across the country. The way it works is that kids show that we should take them seriously by walking out of class and doing heaven-knows what. This is how NBC frames it Students seize control of gun debate, plan walkouts and march.


Yeppers. Contol, indeed.

Via Fox in Stockton:

From a distance, it started off as a quiet demonstration at Edison High School. But, in moments, students grew louder, their message stronger.

“No more guns.”

The high schoolers were asking for gun control and said they’re heartbroken each time someone their age is killed during a school shooting.

“We want to stop the violence,” said Edison High School student Aliah Moncrease. “We can’t have an education when all this violence in school is going on… all this school shooting.”

“Innocent kids that have dreams and don’t live them because they die because of gun violence,” said student Anna Hernandez.

Stagg and Lincoln students also walked off campus.

There were some unruly kids at Edison.

Some tried to jump the locked fence. Across the city, a cluster of patrol cars had to corral students back to class at Stagg.

Stockton police report multiple students jumped on occupied cars. Some threw rocks at cars, including police vehicles. A person told FOX40 protesters were throwing trash at police officers.

At least four juveniles and one 18-year-old were arrested, all on suspicion of battery on an officer. The 18-year-old was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail.

Officers were also called to several malls, where students were “causing a disturbance,” according to the police department. Around 100 students left a mall at one point, continuing a shorter protest at March Lane and Pacific Avenue.


Ever since the shooting in Florida, I’ve been told that I have to listen respectfully to children, because children are very, very wise and they understand sh** us adults just don’t get. And many major media have run articles championing the really groundbreaking idea that our nation would be better off is 16-year-olds could vote.

You know what. I’m totally convinced. I’m giving up my guns and I’ll be first in line signing that petition for a new Constitutional amendment. It won’t need a number. We’ll just call it “The Last One.”


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