Video of U.S. Attack on Russian Mercenaries in Syria (WARNING: Graphic Violence is Depicted)

Last week, one of the big stories was the mauling of a large body of Russian mercenaries by U.S. air power and artillery after they had crossed a negotiated boundary between U.S.- and Russian-backed forces and attack U.S. proxy forces. (my posts here | here)


The attack was massive:

On the ground, Air Force joint terminal attack controllers embedded with the SDF called in precision strikes for more than three hours from aircraft and ground artillery, directing F-15Es, MQ-9s, B-52s, AC-130s and AH-64 Apaches to release multiple precision fire munitions and conduct strafing runs against the advancing aggressor force, stopping their advance and destroying multiple artillery pieces and tanks.

And some video made available at the time shows just how accurate the fires were:

Now some more video has come out and it shows just how bad things were.

Let me stop here for a moment. I can’t vouch for the provenance of this video. It came from the U.S. side but the telemetry has been blurred. It seems to be an accurate depiction of events because of the terrain, the vehicle formation, and the fact that the vehicles are obviously being engaged by an AC-130 gunship. Nothing else produces that particular signature other than the Spectre’s 20mm Gatling. The video seems to have been taken by a drone. It could, conceivably, be another example of an AC-130 pounding away on a disciplined truck convoy, the the preponderance of circumstances says this is the attack on the Russian mercenaries.


This is the aftermath. It has some gruesome scenes so if you have a weak stomach you might want to pass.


UPDATED. Apparently the drone view is from this video game and has been blurred. (see alert reader in the the comments.)

My apologies.


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