UPDATED: Did Andrew McCabe Jump? (Or Was He Pushed?)

Just a little earlier today, FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe announced that instead of going on terminal leave, that is, leave that ends with retirement, beginning in March, he was going to go on leave today and not come back to the FBI.


And then you have the New York Times…

And you have Jim Acosta:


It is plausible that McCabe was forced out. He has become a lightning rod for criticism of the FBI. He’s the subject of a Hatch Act investigation that is going to recommend sanctions of some kind. The Justice IG is about to release a report on the Clinton email investigation and it is likely to be ugly. He’s disliked by the White House. He’s not, as far as I can tell, trusted by anyone. Christopher Wray visited with Devin Nunes yesterday and got a chance to see the memo the never-Trump people are all watery-boweled about. And this morning McCabe bids us a fond adieu. That, to me, says he was pushed.

It is also possible that this just stopped being fun for McCabe. He’d already announced he was going on terminal leave in March. If you are in a senior position like McCabe, the moment you announce the date you are leaving you can feel the power drain away. People simply stop listening to you and they stop doing things they don’t want to do because they know they’ll outlast you. Couple that with the intense criticism he’s taking and that could be a powerful incentive to leave.


And Acosta changes his mind:

CNN is now saying McCabe did not plan on stepping down last Friday


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