Sadness Reigns Throughout Resistance-World as President Trump Is Pronounced Mentally and Physically Fit

President Trump had his much awaited physical today and the results didn’t please any of the self-appointed authorities on dementia that have been present in their battalions for several months. The guy doing the briefing is Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson who has been the White House physician since 2013.


That is a BMI of 29.9. The obese category starts at 30.0, so this puts Trump at the high end of overweight. The anti-Trump people being what they are will not be able to leave this alone. So read this story by Besty McKay on BMI and consider this:


And then the White House press corps got involved.

I can help you out here, doc. You are saying he has signs of heart disease, not his doctor. A lot of people, including a boat load of physicians I personally work with, take statins prophylactically (and an alarming number, in my view, take ACE inhibitors as well). High cholesterol, like weight, is a risk factor for disease, not a sign of being unhealthy. There is more than a semantic difference there. But this is what happens when you and your network are invested in a particular narrative.


Karl, at least, has a sense of humor:

This is the video of that Q&A:

And Alzheimers came up:

Ummm, no thanks. Mental illness has its own logic.

In a sane world, this would close the issue of Trump’s physical and mental fitness to be president. It won’t because if Trump is healthy then a lot of people have revealed themselves to be buffoons by diagnosing dementia via MSNBC. And the interview wasn’t even over before CNN was not only moving the goalposts, they had the goalposts hooked to helicopters and carried away.



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