Yes, the Ambassador to Panama Resigned but Not for the Reason MSNBC Says

Free image via Pixabay

Free image via Pixabay


The US ambassador to Panama has resigned.


The Ambassador is a career foreign service officer named John Feeley. Feeley was appointed by Obama in 2015 and had stayed on in the new administration. I don’t know anything about the guy beyond his bio. And I don’t have a problem with his resignation letter. He did the honorable thing. Neither is this very important. Panama is not a huge priority and the graveyards are full of indispensable men.

This is how MSNBC reported it

Then AP’s diplomatic correspondent weighed in:

In fact, the Ambassador resigned in December:

And the epic walk-back:

Concerned it was misleading? Really? It was false on its face.

None of this matters. Because this is journalistic standard:


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