New 'Media Platform' Created to Help Bring Together Hillary Clinton's Coalition--and Mine Them for Cash

 Caricature by DonkeyHotey
Caricature by DonkeyHotey

If you were a member of Hillary Clinton’s coalition and really angry about the fact that Hillary Clinton and her core constituencies were totally ignored by the media, then Thorazine with a bourbon chaser this new “media platform” (which is what we older folks call a “website”) is for you.

Yesterday, Peter Daou, who is the left’s self-avowed tough guy (if you want to hear about how he was a member of Lebanese Phalange militia as a tween, he’ll tell you if you wait five minutes, he’s sort of like a vegan, an atheist, or a cross-fitter in that) announced he was going to organize the ignored 68 million or so Hillary voters and just not going to take their marginalization laying down. This is a video of the announcement:

Seriously, here is the actual announcement via, naturally, Twitter:

Some thoughts:
1. Who names a ‘media’ platform for what seems to be a portmanteau word combing ‘ferret’ and ‘varmint.’ It is appropriate but I’m not sure it is great marketing.
2. The overall purpose of the site seems to be twofold. First, they want to rewrite history to make Hillary Clinton seem less like the pathetic and disastrous candidate she was and to make her staff seem less imbecilic. Good luck with that. Also first, it is going to monetize this revisionism to siphon cash from the #StillWithHer. How do we know that? Because you can’t name a single political venture Hillary Clinton has been involved it—either running for or holding office—that she didn’t structure to generate cash for her.
3. Daou was part of the bizarre effort. He seems to have some sort of erotic fixation on Hillary Clinton. The whole Twitter thread had a disturbing I-really-want-to-please-Mistress-Hillary vibe to it.
4. This project obviously has Hillary Clinton’s blessing which indicates she does not think her political career is over. Scary, that.



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