BREAKING. Steve Bannon Sentenced to Death in Absentia, Giuliani Narrowly Avoids Same Fate

Image by Brandon Grasley, via Flickr Creative Commons, License

Welp. I guess it had to happen. We won’t have Steve Bannon to kick around anymore.


And maybe not Rudy Giuliani.


Trump is in danger, too.


If you aren’t familiar with her work, Louise Mensch is a former Brit member of Parliament and a frothing anti-Trump nutter. Alex Jones is in a constant state of envy when he reads her blog, Patribotics. Unfortunate, she is not harmless. She is allied with John Schindler (@20Committee) a former NSA minion (no one is really certain what he did there) and professor at the Naval War College (until, well, unpleasantness happened WARNING NSFW and he seemed to have a real Milo fascination that he combined with his other problem) on Twitter. She has regular access to the mainstream media where even her most bizarre assertions are quoted without comment or irony. For instance, The New Republic’s Jeet Heer (that is actually his name) passed along Mensch’s claim that Putin had Andrew Breitbart killed in order to install Steve Bannon as unremarkable. Mensch has even had an op-ed published in the New York Times.


So, when you read an article in the next day or so about Bannon’s untimely and unexplained death you’ll know the real story.


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