REPORT: Obama's Climate Change "Legacy" Is on the Chopping Block

We all know that action is underway to eliminate a good portion of the climate change silliness the Obama administration inflicted on us.  Much of it is either on the way out or under serious re-examination. Some can be done fairly easily. Some will be done via the budgetary process and administrative reorganizations in agencies. Some will rely upon the cooperation of Congress or the unwinding of regulatory schemes. Today the New York Times bundles all of these possible actions together in one piece headlined Trump Lays Plans to Reverse Obama’s Climate Change Legacy.


President Trump is poised in the coming days to announce his plans to dismantle the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s climate change legacy, while also gutting several smaller but significant policies aimed at curbing global warming.

The moves are intended to send an unmistakable signal to the nation and the world that Mr. Trump intends to follow through on his campaign vows to rip apart every element of what the president has called Mr. Obama’s “stupid” policies to address climate change. The timing and exact form of the announcement remain unsettled, however.

What is sort of striking about the article is that it doesn’t mention any real harm done by Trump but seems to take it personally that Obama’s legacy is under assault.

Get ready for more of it. USAID has been targeted for budget cuts. What is getting the attention? Obama legacy cuts.

The promotion of LGBT and intersex rights abroad was a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy during President Obama’s second term. Activists in the U.S. and around the world remain concerned that the Trump administration will no longer support these efforts.


The media not only protected Obama when he was in office, it is digging in to protect him and his alleged legacy now that he’s gone.


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