Huffington Post "Lifestyle" Writer Busted For Cheating In A Race

I’m just tossing this out here for grins and because any damage you can do you the left is in and of itself a virtuous exercise. And because in my prime I was a competitive runner (3:07 marathon/60:03 10-miler) and I loathe chickensh**s like this who cheat to improve their standing in a race.


Last weekend was the Fort Lauderdale A-1-A Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 5K. One of the entrants was Janet Seo of the Huffington Post:

Jane, who received a degree from Harvard after writing a thesis about NYC food trucks, enjoys running or cycling along the Hudson River or eating her favorite food, butternut squash. She specializes in food and drink events in New York and beyond, travels across the country, and obstacle races.

Once you read that bio you are not shocked by what happens next. Let’s let the Miami New Times tell the story:

Jane Seo blazed across the finish line at last weekend’s Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon with a stellar time of 1 hour 21 minutes. The professional New York food blogger’s blistering 6:15-per-mile pace earned her second place among the thousands who raced. Seo paraded around the finish line while grinning and gripping a gaudy medal.

But her pace, it turns out, was too good to be true. Seo has now been disqualified for cutting the course — a crime she confessed to only after a computer sleuth crushed her elaborate coverup. A lengthy post published on documented her lies in exquisite detail. She later posted a four-paragraph apology to her 34,400 Instagram followers.

“I made a HORRIBLE choice .. what an idiot I was!” she wrote in a post that’s since been taken down. “I am extremely ashamed … I am so sorry everyone.”

about a mile and a half off the course and then went back later on her bicycle to create a GPS record that supported her claim.


How was she busted? By someone with way too much time on his hands. You have to visit the link. It is a sleuthing tale worthy of Columbo or Sherlock Holmes. The first clue was the split times were out of sync.

These results would equate to a 7:09 minute/mile pace for the 1st 10k and a 5:25 minute/mile pace for remaining 11.08 kilometers.

She was nailed beyond any doubt by… read the link. Seriously.

She eventually fessed up though she tries to make it sound like some kind of lapse in judgment rather than what it was, which was a deliberate and premeditated decision to cheat someone else out of a medal that they had probably trained damned hard to get and deserved.


What will happen to her? Nothing. She’s Ivy League. She’s a liberal. If the HuffPo had any sense at all they’d start a 100% audit of everyone of her stories for plagiarism and they’d examine every single expense voucher she’s ever filed. If she will cheat on this scale for a goal this petty, then cheating has been a life-style choice of hers for several years.


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