Friday Schadenfreude. Watch Millenials Sob While Greeting Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

This is not from InfoWars or its deranged doppelganger GatewayPundit. This is actual non-fake-news.


Yes. They were so overcome with emotion at meeting the soulless harpy that is Hillary Clinton that they were sobbing.

One of the key parts of becoming an adult is learning to deal with disappointment. Now in a culture where you get a trophy for participating in a sport and games aren’t scored and there are no league standings it is pretty easy to go through your adolescence thinking that the natural order of things is that you get what you want when you want it. As an adult you suffer disappointments. It’s part of the gig. You lose jobs. You don’t get promotions. A loan falls through. A business fails. And if you live long enough you start suffering real heartbreak as parents, siblings and friends die, a spouse become incapacitated, or your son joins a gay commune in California and registers as a Democrat.


I think anyone who is politically active understands the disappointment of losing. In particular, losing to an opponent you see as unworthy of respect (think 1992). But if you are an adult you realize it is only two years to the mid term and another fight. You don’t get so emotionally invested that you beclown yourself by blowing snot over the defeat of a superannuated, incompetent grifter who lost the most winnable election in the history of the republic. Seriously. Save those tears for your dead goldfish.


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