You Won't Believe What This Liberal Gasbag Had To Say About The Police At Ohio State

The terror attack on the Ohio State campus earlier this week has exposed the degree to which liberals are willing to let you get killed in order to defend their personal fetish of multiculturalism. You’ll recall an official at Ohio State made a Facebook post asking for students to have sympathy for the attacker:


But what happened on Tuesday night on the Kelly Files takes the cake. One of the guests was a progressive activist named, rather improbably, Nomicki Konst. The subject of the Ohio attack was brought up in the context of Hillary Clinton’s VP candidate, Tim Kaine’s tweet on the subject:

Yep. You read that right. Gun violence.

That brought about this exchange:

Via IJR:

Senator Kaine should not have rushed to judgment, should have waited for the facts to come in, as should have the police that were there who ended up shooting—who we now know—is someone who aligned himself with ISIS.

With that being said, if there were guns at this scene it would have been much more horrific.”

Kelly interrupted Konst with:

“Did you say the police should have exercised more self control?”


To put it politely this is nuts. I’m no huge defender of cops who kill people. I think it happens a lot more often than it needs to and when it does happen it becomes obvious that they are treated with a level of deference a citizen could never dream of. But come on. This guy drove a car into a crowd and then started stabbing people. How was anyone to know the knife was his only weapon or why they would even care if it was. He was trying to kill people. End of story.


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